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Worshipwhiskey Audio Sex Stories 13

Written by u/dirtycanvas Can't say this situation was entirely unfamiliar to me. This was my first attempt at something scripted. I had a lot of fun, and might try more scripts in the future.
Tags: Life force/essence extraction, level drain, humorous, RPG based comedy, inexperienced, submissive to dominant, rape, rape reversal, transformation, growth, size theft Summary: A low-level Succubus is stuck in the wrong zone and pleads with you to help her out by letting her sap a teensy bit of your power. Be careful not to let her take too much though. Script by u/redceax
I don't miss them, but I miss the way they fucked me.
I found this really wholesome script by u/tiekoot If you've been a victim of SA before, I really encourage you to talk to someone you trust. Also, I promise things can get better. Hope this is cathartic for someone out there who needs it.
Been struggling to find a script I like and learn my new audio setup so here's a little teaser in the meantime. Really hoping my Hitachi doesn't die on me. PS I perform F roles for VA because it is what works for my voice, but please don't refer to me as girl, or any similar feminine terms. You can call me Whiskey, (they/them). <3 And yes, I am accepting commissions.
"When I said the winner could make the loser do anything... this wasn't exactly what I had in mind." 2 friends casually playing chess, with the bet that the winner gets to order the loser around for a specific length of time. Naturally, things take a slippery turn. Inclusivity notes: Speaker mentions having 3 holes. Hi, I'm Whiskey (they/them). I try to respond to all comments! Legitimately my brain got a little melted towards the end and I was struggling to articulate thoughts. Also my apologies for the messier audio. Due to the uh...logistics, this was recorded in my personal space rather than my office.
I'm in a particularly bitey mood. Wistful for a playmate who would be a good chewtoy. Reminiscing about the one stranger I didn't have to play nice with.
My new roommate moved in and he said I can be as loud as I want but I'm still a little shy. Which is weird really, given that I'm perfectly comfortable letting strangers on the internet listen to all my sounds.
Summary: A cozy movie date nights gets heated. Pet Names: Babe, baby, darling Other Terms: Fuck toy. Inclusivity notes: Refers to listener's cock once. No other physical descriptors for narrator or listener. Both parties orgasm.
The way I wind down is to lower the lights, watch some weird hentai, and use my trusty Hitachi to vibrate my intrusive thoughts out of my body.
Been really stressed lately and this is one of the only things that can calm me down.