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Xanietyattack Audio Sex Stories 22

hiiii. so um. i masturbated. AND. recorded it (shocking, i know). i talk way more in this one than i have in any past audios, so, i hope that’s okay. let me k ow in the comments if you enjoy me baking a bit more talkative, or if you want me to just shut up and Moan. n.e way, i hope you’re having an amazing day :)
hiii. i’m back, yet again, with another ramblefap. i really tried to have something different for you guys this week, but life has been insane. pls forgive me :( regardless, i hope you enjoy my whiny ass playing with myself for you. <3
i’m a little nervous to post this, but i really hope you guys enjoy it. please forgive my obnoxiously loud toy (i am embarrassed LOL).
i really hope you guys enjoy this one :)) sorry it’s a bit short, i hadn’t cum in two days at the time i was recording, so i was a little quick haha. n.e ways, enjoy!
i forgot to mention the date in my original audio, recording this just in case:)