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Xfeeefeee Audio Sex Stories 24

Orgasmic ambience experiment - 45 minutes of begging, moaning, cumming, and teasing. Hypnotic remix of over a dozen /u/sexuallyspecific recordings. Three channels; algorithmically arranged with seed 42.
I give up. I can't take being tied up and teased anymore. I'll do what you asked: I'm ready to be your pet. I'm ready to call myself your slut; your fucktoy. Ready to beg you to touch me, untie me, let me cum. Please, use me -- ride my face and let your pet make you cum. My cock is yours; I am your slave. Please, I need to cum... please fuck me.
This is what happens when you wrap athletic tape around a cobra libre vibe preventing it from being removed. And being drunk and thinking I could record this without being too loud. The vibe is loud though. did you drug me? is that my laptop? are you recording me for her? turn it off, what are you doing with my cum?! Forced impreg, forced multiple orgasms via machine. arms and legs bound. More I can't recall offhand because I need to get some sleep.
I've been getting into trouble lately, and I lose myself retelling the story while recreating the conditions with intoxicating augmentations and a prostate vibrator. You take advantage of me while we are both floating in the clouds, and I encourage you to press your vibrator against your clit and cum for me while I cum multiple times. After everything, I unexpectedly switched into a more dominant role... which tied everything up well. I'm back with my first recording in 3 years! Thanks to those of you who encouraged me to get back into things.
I let my mind wander as I detail my lust for you, and fantasize about being alone together. Mostly sweet with a bit of primal behavior taking control. Lots of wordplay in particular places and usually verbal throughout. It is hard to remain eloquent at times. I hold you against the wall, massage your body, become overwhelmed by the fantasy. Things became so intense -- my arms went numb and my whole body was on fire. I have no idea how many times I came. Eventually the edges between them just blurred. My legs are still twitching.
Still getting over being sick for a week, but needed to record something. Unfortunately it was hard to get into the mood. Thankfully, I realized I never tried the wand on myself before, and figured it was worth a shot. So I played around with an Aneros massaging my prostate to see what happens! This is actually take 3 I suppose, since the first had a special guest Interrupting Cat and the second had a visitor at the door!
Multiple messy hands free orgasms... Unedited :) I've wanted a multiple orgasm audio 4M for ever and it's awesome, I was cumming like clockwork.