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Yourgfaudio Audio Sex Stories 24

Toc toc , oops am I interrupting something here ? What were you doing with your computer show me ! No? Welp, guess I’ll have to find at by myself right ~? Is that your research history ? Hehe I’ll just look a little bit don’t worry ! Let’s just say that your videos choices are quite…interesting~ I’m not judging but…you do get that all these girls look like me …right babe ?
You’re Roommate is nice and usually she is not that…crazy? But you have to understand her, she got this new toy and no one to try it on so…her only choice is to use it on your pretty little body right ? But you’re such a good boy that you’re gonna let her do it right ?
Summary : 200 years ago in 2020 pleasure dolls were often used to relieve steam. Usually bought by rich and wealthy people they were pretty popular! With time they evolved and were replaced by more advanced androids. One day you, a talented scientist, stumble across an old model. You decide to take it back home and repair it because you've always been really interested in vintage things. After hours and hours I’m finally functional again and it’s thanks to you ! Now you’ve got yourself a pretty doll ready to do everything to please you! Nice to meet you Doctor, I’m Amy, is there any way I could be useful to you today ?
Okay I can’t put the whole version in here , so you know where to go to have the 26+ min video! It’ll be available tonight. It’s my second « erotic » kinda video so I hope you’ll like it ! Let me know~ Synopsis : After an argument with your girl you decide to join her in the shower to make up for it …turns out she is the one taking charges ~
Ok what’s the matter with you? You’ve been on edge the whole week, I’m tired of it, the whole office is tired of it so… what is it? Wait…don’t tell me you’re being like that because you’re girlfriend is being a bitch and you’ve got blue balls…fine then, Should I fuck the brat out of you?
Hii! I hope i won't dissapoint with this ep 1 because YES this is defenitly going to be a summer serie ! This is only a teaser , you can find the whole 22 min version here : https://www.patreon.com/GrilfriendAudio Let me know what you think and also, what do you think is gonna happen during our vacations, are we finally going to become a couple or....? Thank you all for your support !