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Yours-xo-cj Audio Sex Stories 30

Loves, this one's a fucking marathon...and I mean that in the best way. It's nearly 30 minutes, and more than half of that is *so* naughty (thanks to writer /u/MrSkeletonGloves) Story: big tiddy goth girl owns record shop. shy boy enters shop. big tiddy girl wants shy boy to fuck her. she succeeds. everyone cums. and cums. and cums. music and SFX are royalty free. Timestamps for My Impatient Loves: - (9:40) The whole shy, awkward thing is king of a turn-on - (11:08) See, you're looking away already...Don't...I want you to look. - (13:30) Nobody has touched *these* in almost two and a half years - (14:00) Pull them harder. I'll tell you when to stop. - (15:08) You ever have a tongue stud teasing that cock? - (16:30) Look how wet that is. You wanna put it between these big fucking tits? - (17:58) Let me just lay back on my desk and...no, don't take off my skirt, just rip my fishnets... - (18:48) God damn, no please don't stop (...and orgasm count rises to 2) - (19:40) That's right-- pull my fucking rings while you fuck me - (21:35) You can slap me harder than that, I promise.....Fuck me while you do that - (22:40) You wanna shoot that load in me, shy boy?
You come home from a late night at the office and I am horny, frustrated, and a few bottles in. The catharsis that occurs after I spill my feelings to you is multi-orgasmic for us both. Timestamps for my impatient loves: 2:30 -- I miss you, ok? I miss cuddling every night 3:46 - Fuck, I’ve missed how you taste 4:12 - Now, where would you be taking me? To the bedroom? Sounds good 6:20 Keep kissing down my body 7:40 I’m already so close...can I put my hand on your head? 8:50: Sit on the edge of the bed, I want to get on my knees 11:00 Baby, moan like that...I fucking love it when you moan 12:11 I can feel you twitching...blow your load down my fucking throat 12:55 Go lay on the bed...I’m going to ride you now, ok? 14:30 Leave me with marks that’ll last me a week 15:00 It feels so right to have you so deep inside of me. 15:45 I can feel your cock twitching again.. Are you gonna cum soon? 16:08: I have to...I’m coming! 16:58 Your cum feels so fucking warm inside of me (forgive the little skip at 18:19--couldn’t fix it for the life of me)
I am thrilled to have found GWA writer /u/Forest_Firefly's amazing trove of naughty scripts. I spotted this one in the feed this week, and thought it might be fun to try it as your very posh and very hot ex-girlfriend. The scene as I imagine it: We're at an afternoon party at a gorgeous English manor house. I steal away into a side room, and you, my ex, finds me, to my annoyance...and then my pleasure. No timestamps on this one because it's not that long, but "Are you going to shut up, or am I going to have to make you shut up" kicks off the sexy bits at 2:56.
This delightfully wholesome yet naughty script is brought to us by u/GunnerHeWrote. Would you believe it’s his first?! I’m honored to fill it, and very excited that it’s apparently part 1 of 2. The title is pretty self-explanatory, so enjoy! Time stamps for my impatient loves: (Run Time 16:27) (3:38) - But you look so adorable sitting there getting all flustered! (6:15) - You’ve gotta say the magic word for me baby.. that’s my Good Boy. (7:12)- I love the look of desperation on your face as I stroke you. (8:35) Going straight for my nipple with your mouth, such a good boy (10:00)- Now be a good boy...come get between my legs and taste me. (10:53)- Just like that with your tongue pressed flat against my clit. (12:00)- I think you’ve earned a reward...let me return the favor. (13:42)- Baby, you are looking at me with the most adorable puppy dog eyes. (14.56) Cum for me baby. I want you to give me every last drop of your cum.
Who hasn’t awoken from a nightmare and desperately wished someone were beside them to cuddle/fuck them back to sleep? This was the inspiration behind u/HarmonyHall2021’s wholesome as all fork script (that I just love so much). Scene: You were having another nightmare, weren’t you, baby? I’m not going back to sleep until you feel better. Timestamps for my impatient loves: 4:20 Baby, are you sure you want to do this? 5:29 Feel how wet I am for you? That’s how much I want you 7:00 it may be dark, but it didn’t take you long to find my clit again 8:05: Baby, fuck, I’m gonna… 8:35 That’s right, we’re not stopping until you cum 10:00 Right now I need you to go faster 10:47 I want to feel you everywhere, don’t stop 12:48 Just lie here with me
I finally got to do a piece by the inimitable u/Ravishagirl, one of my favorites on this site, and oh my what a script! How much did I love being a writhing, whimpering virgin ravished by a rough human boy? Well, my moans are real in this one, so... First things first, let's talk Selkies! Selkies or Selkie folk, meaning "Seal Folk" are mythological beings capable of changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin. Typical selkie lore involves a man stealing a female selkie's skin, which binds her to him, and compelling her to become his wife. The selkie will spend her time in captivity longing for the sea, her true home. - Look at this sexy af illustration of my selkie girl by my new artist friend Carnation: https://imgur.com/a/XDtCrGC - Hear this haunting melody that I've decided she sings on the rocks (selkies are not unlike sirens in that way). It also makes an appearance in the full audio: https://soundgasm.net/u/yours-xo-CJ/F-CJs-Selkie-Song-124 And now, you are well-equipped to enjoy May I Have My Pelt Back? Note: This script includes some non-consent/reluctance play and is a fantasy written by adults for erotic audio performance by adults, for the pleasure of adult listeners. Time Stamps for my Impatient Loves: 6:45 But you can’t have me, human boy. I didn’t come here to make love to you with my soft body by the firelight! 8:30 I thought you were trying to thaw my nipples, but they’re still so hard 9:11 But you can’t really mean to do this to me, human boy. This can’t be the only way! 10:25 Human, wait! That will never fit inside of me! 12:12 You’re stretching me, human boy, wait! 13:49 You’re going to make me scream on the floor by the fire 14:45 You’re going to fill me? What does that mean? I’m already so full 15:45 Wait, what is happening...something’s coming... 17:08 I was a virgin and you bred me 18:00 You were rough with me, human boy. It was worth it.
Please Note: This is a fictional scene performed by two consenting adults in a safe and controlled environment. The scene depicts rape and general brutality throughout. Please be kind to yourself when deciding whether to listen. My scene partner u/ASoftWindBlows and I have been referring to this disturbed, dystopian project as Rapetopia, and I believe the finished product lives up to its name. So unless you like CNC/Rape-play, you don’t want to fuck with this audio...it sounds pretty believable. Script by u/Crimson_Songbird
We promised each other we'd wait until after I graduated to give myself to him. "I am 18, I have graduated, and now I'm excited to see what my dear teacher wants to do with me." For my impatient loves: - 7:28 - (undressed) Well, what do you think, am I good enough? - 8:30- What? You want to eat my pussy? I *think* I'd like that - 10:21 - I want to finish with your cock. Will you take it out for me? - 10:48 - Will you take me, teach? Will you take my virginity? - 11:35 - First penetration - 14:15 - Your cock feels so fucking good inside of me - 14:54 - I belong to you now - 15:50 - I'm getting close...cum with me, teach - 17:30 - I can feel your cock still pulsing inside of me... please don't pull out Very sexy script by /FredRiting
There’s not as much sexy time as usual in this little audio that came from my head, but if you feel like comforting and cuddling me for 17 minutes, you might enjoy it. Scene: You’re looking for the bathroom at a house party when you hear a voice call out from a back room for someone to please close the door. You poke your head in and see me clothed but crumpled on the floor at the foot of the bed. Combined with the satisfied expression on the guy you saw leaving the room, it’s clear that something just went down that I didn’t choose. What you don’t know is how far your attention and comfort will go to heal this hurt, beautiful stranger. *Important Note* - This is a fantasy involving adults 18+. While the audio does not depict a sexual assault, it does involve a victim consenting to sexual activity immediately following. This audio is not meant to be a realistic portrayal of victims, survivors or allies.
Do you love morning sex as much as I do? Do you want me to whisper in your ear exactly how I'd like us to wake up together? Thanks to this gorgeous narrative-style script by u/HiGirly that's smoother than my favorite coffee (I like it black with a sprinkle of cinnamon), you're about to! Bonus...I couldn't help but fap a bit while recounting this fantasy. ...Please wake me up like this
I promise I'll get better at this... this is just me exploring a new toy for the first time and being a total dork throughout. I'd say skip to the 2:00 mark if you want to bypass some of my rambling, but I don't think you can escape it fully in this one ; p Even so, I still hope there's something for you to enjoy. (PS-- You'll definitely be with me as I work up to those stronger settings on this wand.) 
I hate being away from you. Yes you...who else would I be talking to? The conference is fine. Everyone's behaving themselves, but I miss you soooo much. You must miss me too because I've just discovered this gift-wrapped box in a side compartment of my suitcase (I didn't pack this myself--TSA would not approve, mister!) Turns out I'm powerless in your hands...even from a distance u/HieloKuma wrote this wickedly fun script that was shared with me by a dear listener. Kuma's script offer post mentions a prequel to this that I might just have to add. I've been enjoying reading their other offerings very much as well. PS- vibrators are a fun script prop!
Start your weekend with me and some erotic pain play! Ten brutal lashes with my belt on my inner thighs at Daddy's direction (hey, a girl can dream). The toy I have inside me throughout certainly made it a challenge to last to ten. Don't let my cries fool you -- I'm loving this. Did I just coin Ramblespank, by the way?
Since my next post is set to be a super dark collab with the very talented u/ASoftWindBlows (like, don't listen to it if you like me...but I'm also really excited about it), I thought I'd offer up something a little more wholesome for your Saturday evening. Thank you, the brilliant u/MrSkeletonGloves for sending this challenge my way and for providing the "script" ; ) Now, will you PLEASE just cum with me? -xo CJ