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By ProfessorCal_ 18 15:57
Hey everyone, yesterday was a bit busy all day so I really only had a chance to work on this throughout the night. The love I've gotten over the last couple days is honestly crazy and I really didn't think these would ever get as popular as they did so I really have to be incredibly grateful to you all. Much love x I just wanted some Postmates. This is what you deserve.
By ProfessorCal_ 18 19:22
Hi everyone! Last week, I would have never guessed where I'd be with you all in just a few days. The outpour of love and support is honestly mindblowing. After some time relaxing the past couple days, here's another one for you all! Much love x We're both called down to the lab in the middle of the night for some last minute work. Mistakes were made.
By ProfessorCal_ 18 19:13
Hey everyone, I'm Cal! This is my first post ever on here, I hope you all enjoy! Thank you for stopping by! After remembering a short conversation we had during orientation earlier, you decide to swing by my dorm and catch up a bit. Or catch up a lot.