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Areyousure987 Audio Sex Stories 18

This script was written by yourpersonalkitten. All credit goes to her. This audio is Writer: https://www.reddit.com/user/yourpersonalkitten/ Script: https://scriptbin.works/u/yourpersonalkitten/m4f-breeding-bunnies-don-t-need-jobs-gentle-to More tags:
Plot: Big Cock Syndrome is an Awful Sickness. Did you know that it's so rare that not even most people know about it?? That's right, and it can even result in the rest of your body suffering without you even knowing. Your heart could explode! Thank goodness for this Himbo's big brained lover. If she hadn't told him, he wouldn't be able to live a normal life. Butt, daily milkings and eating her pussy three times a day really worth it? Don't get it twisted, he gets so squirmy talking and thinking about having that pussy on his breath anywhere he goes. But it's been so long and they haven't even fucked yet! He knows that he isn't as experienced as her. She's had many lovers and knows more than him. But he wants a crack at fucking her too! It does look like he may get that chance next time...but will he regret it?
A beautiful script by AggravatingAffect4. This audio is a little over 27 minutes as well, so strap yourself in. Script Here: https://scriptbin.works/u/AggravatingAffect4/m4f-m4f-helping-you-take-out-your-braids-and Original Request Here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/qmf4t5/braids_removal_doing_your_braids_audio_request/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Full Tag List: Helping You Take Out Your Braids and Offering Some ✨Relief✨ mentions Listener Summary: Taking out braids is a struggle and a half. So when your SO offers to help, you jump at the chance, so long as he knows what he's doing with your hair. Turns out, he knows you a little too well, because he's not stopping at your hair… Performer Summary: Your significant other has had this protective style in for weeks and is finally taking it out. Unfortunately, it's a lengthy process and she seems to be exhausted from the strain. You offer to help her out, but you can tell she needs a different kind of ✨relief✨…
*Door opens* Oh baby. Did you just get back from the gym? Jesus, I can smell you from the couch. Oh wow, you reek. When's the last time you showered? 4 days? And you went out like that? I mean...hey. Wait a second. *walks over to you and gets close*. There's something about you that....that smell of yours. It's intoxicating! Oh fuck! Come here little one... ;)
That lack of this content is practically criminal. Plot: It’s their first night together, and she’s really nervous because she is wearing a bonnet at night. He thinks it's other "girl stuff" as to why she's so hesitant. So since she's nervous, he makes sure to reassure her about how beautiful she and her hair is regardless of what's "covering" it. Also let her know that she's protecting her hair and wearing the bonnet for good reason so there's nothing to be nervous about. What she does with her hair is her choice and is always beautiful. They have a small discussion that people have so many opinions about what black women do with their hair in a job interview that happened earlier that day. So after all the talking and reassurance, slowly starting kissing her, telling her how beautiful she is, how pretty her pussy is, and then he fucks her. He loves her so hard and fucks her with that sexy bonnet on. He beautiful sexy bonnet is a boner magnet now....so she better watch out ;) I really hope you all enjoy this. I try to do my very best to make you feel special. If I offend you, the please let me know.
The shape of your body is so beautiful and I love everything about you. Please remember who you are and why you are so amazing.
Hey honey. You're back so soon. What's wrong? Wait....what'd he say to you? ...He used what word? Sweetie no. We don't use that word. Real men don't body shame. God! What's it gonna take for these losers to realize that beautiful sexy women like you are literally everywhere? And all it really takes is to be able to love you for who you are. Like you don't need a cheat code to get at your heart. You're just full of love, and all that love needs to be loved you know? *kiss*. Woah....What're you doing with my lips? ..... Are....Are you sure you wanna... *kiss*. Oh fuck! Baby! You have no idea how long I've waited for this. Get that ass over here so I can show you how a real man loves ;)
Daddy just loves coming home to his little girl. To play with his little toy. Move her, Strip her, Tease Her, Finger her…But this little kitten needs to remember to please her Daddy first. She has to remember to play with his cock and fuck him until he cums. And Only after he’s done, does she get more of her own pleasure. Maybe…