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Benji2049 Audio Sex Stories 27

This script, by the lascivious and ingenious u/maiden_of_dishonor, was a thrill to record. In this erotic audio, the monster under the bed feeds off his listener's emotions, but as she's grown into a woman her sadness has overwhelmed him. That simply will not do. Sadness has a terrible flavor. More than that, the monster has grown fond of his lonely beauty. She often pleasures herself to forget how alone she feels. Tonight, she discovers she's never been alone...
My first go at a Pillow Talk/Relationship audio. This comes from a great script by /u/LateStageInfernalism and carries a touching message of love and acceptance. We all have pasts and they shape who we are today. (Sorry in advance for any bumps you'll hear in the audio. I have a habit of gesturing while I talk and there were a couple instances where I thumped my desk.)
You just wanted a partner. Someone to cuddle and watch movies with, nothing too wild, right? Totally reasonable! Then why is it so freaking hard to find one?! But you're not one to give up so easily. If the human world doesn't deliver, you're not afraid to dip your toes into some dark magic. Why settle for the same old routine when this charming, sweet incubus standing in front of you can give you exactly what you need? Script by u/pocketsizeddaddy.
It's our son's bedtime and, as usual, he has no intention of going quietly. That I have a business trip coming up doesn't help matters either. That's alright, though. To settle him down, I'll tell him about my secret identity: the monster slayer that keeps him and his mother safe. As the crickets chirp outside and the train hoots in the distance, this is how I send our child to sleep. From an adorable script by u/eclaiendearment.