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Bradlyeking Audio Sex Stories 13

(written by u/squirtypunisher093) Your bro is very competitive when it comes to physical stuff. What starts as two buddies comparing gym progress leads to an unexpected competition. You use a trick up your sleeve to make your bro experience something he's never felt before.
(script by MotionSparxx) Tempers flared a bit tonight. Being a little more hot headed you decide to walk out.. but Daddy isn't having any of it and will do everything to make you stay even if it means.. Ehem.. "situating" you on the bed.
You're a popular girl at school/college who always gets all the dick she wants. Now your mind is locked on this cute shy guy, who always plays hard to get. Today you tease him once again, and he finally has enough. He grabs you by your hair and takes you to a more private place, to then put you in your place and give you what you asked for. Written by MyNameMadeYouSmiley
Happy Birthday, Bro! by u/squirtypunisher093 very slight mentions of Lots of It's always a special time in a young man's life when he loses his virginity. Today is your 19th birthday and your best friend and his girlfriend (female listener) stick around after the party to give you a very special gift. You're a little unsure about some things but your buddy shows you the ropes as you find your own beat. It ends with you and your bro in pretty close quarters. But hey, there's no such thing as being "too close" to your best bro. ;)
My fill of the excellent script by u/tama_mantic. You and your boyfriend have been going out for a while now, but you haven’t been able to go the whole way due to you being…well, too tight. Your boyfriend has been very understanding and never pushes for it, but tonight is the night that you are going to go the whole way with him! but it’s
SUMMARY: Just Home from work, you surprise your significant other with news that your class reunion is tonight. You don’t feel great, but don’t wanna miss out, and he agrees to take you, of course! Fortunately for you, he’s attentive and knows how to take care of you! Script was written by u/mariahhope92900 and u/IllusiveRomance1117 Sound effects from Freesound, listed below: Gasp! by ZerOcarina Nighttime AMB by Kash15 Party Crowd 1.wav by Kolezan Jazz Background Music Loop by Migfus20 Pop Loop.wav by Mrthenoronha lots of
Both your and your girlfriend’s parents are coming over to dinner, and they’re meeting each other for the first time. It’s your girlfriend’s birthday, you have some news for them, and she’s pretty anxious about the whole thing. You want to calm her down before they get there, and, she *is* the birthday girl.. Let Me Clear Your Head by u/chelseaMFTurtles6 some slight