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Bunnyboy36 Audio Sex Stories 16

so... had some fun with this (as you can probably tell) this is definitely for you if you like hearing subby boys beg for you to do certain things to them or want to hear their fantasies :3 if you ever want to send me scripts or ideas for other audios or you just want to give feedback don't hesitate to shoot me a DM! I love talking to you and this community is so nice I'm really glad I started posting! :)
made this for anyone who wants to listen to slutty boy moans on their way to work, while they're at the gym, or whatever you enjoy doing! <3 there isnt a lot of talking in this mainly just fuck, please, you feel so good. etc. just me being a moaning mess and cumming at the end. anyways i hope you enjoy! let me know all of your thoughts and where you would listen to my moans
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY <3 If you're listening to this, just know ill be your valentine. Anyway, short lil pegging script a very good friend of mine requested, so I thought I'd give it a whirl, hope you enjoy :)
aaaaaaaaaa so this is the first script I've done! I'm not too experienced so I hope its alright and my acting isn't bad hgkhkdjhgfkdg, also no SFX cause IDK HOW TO DO THAT (but maybe ill revisit in the future) This script was done by the fantastic u/CottonCandyDarling, so if you enjoyed it, please check out their work and support them!!!! tags:
aaaaaa this is my first public script fill and ALSO my first time doing sfx, it's not a lot but baby steps :3 this cute script was done by the amazing u/gfdworship!!! now... lets hope the potion you gave me wasn't toooo strong ;)
this is my first script fill in a bit so its not the highest quality production ever, also my first time being dommy. hope you enjoy regardless :3