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Butterthebean Audio Sex Stories 44

I recorded this for a friend a while ago when he found out I speak Japanese. At the request of a couple other friends, I took out any names and uploaded this for my GWA lovelies. It's another quiet one because of the time of night, but apparently some of y'all like that LOL. I apologize for my atrocious grammar...I don't speak Japanese every day anymore. Translation: Good. You said you wanted to hear me do a ramblefap countdown in Japanese, so I thought I'd try it out. Ummm...I've already cum, so I'm not sure if cumming again will be easy or difficult, but let's try and find out. Thank you for listening.
Just a quick 100 to 1 challenge.
You both get home early from work. A little striptease, a little flirting, and then he tells you what he wants from you tonight. Three little words . . . Script by u/TeasedToTears
Summary: Your girlfriend notices that you're not doing too well and decides to take care of you. The two of you then cuddle while talking about the past as she comforts you. Script by u/lost_at_night1 My first PTA audio, yay!