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Cherry-tongue Audio Sex Stories 22

Synopsis: You've been dating a centaur girl for a while now, you know each other well, you know she's a futa, and she knows your kinks, but from the beginning of this month until the end, she'll need your help getting through mating season. But don't worry, she's gentle and caring and only wants the best for you. Script by u/HalsLab
You wake up in a strange cave and see a creature in front of you. It’s…a Futa Bat Girl? And she’s not scared of you? What does she really want from you?...
You are crying in your college dorm room when you hear a knock on your door. It's your bully's tall and muscular mother. You are scared but she isn't here to hurt you. She starts to comfort you and expresses her regret and her wish to make it up to you. This includes even letting you breed her as revenge for her daughter's treatment of you. Script by u/Brilliant_Yak_4923
An awkward girl confesses to her friend during their late night study session, and ends up getting pounded on the couch. Script by u/hecatescrossroad OF open for customs ^^
Synopsis: You’ve turned in for the night and are busy getting your zzz’s when suddenly, you are awoken by something pushing and pulling on your sheets. You immediately look up to find a pretty little catgirl sitting on your bed joyfully kneading her paws into you. She’s shocked at first to discover that the bed she’s found is occupied, but this feeling quickly turns into excitement for now she’s finally found a nice human who can pet her and make her feel really good… Script by u/BadDevil_ Requests on my OF: cherry.tongue
----All characters are college-aged and above; 18+. By adults, about adults, for adults---- How embarrassing... Eighteen years old, and still in need of a babysitter... Our main character finds himself flustered and embarrassed, and at the mercy of his doting, if a little sadistic babysitter... Script by u/Enno_Zalenno Sub to my OF for more:cherry.tongue
A script by u/LumiSatoi I know you’ve been listening to my files. I know you’ve got some slutty secrets hidden in your mind. How? I’m secretly a telepathic slime girl. Dun dun dun. So yup, I know what you’ve done - you dirty boy. Lucky for you I like having you listening to me - living those moments with me, and I’m going to reward you for it. I do requests on onlyfans! cherry.tongue
The listener, the guy who lives next door, drops by unexpectedly and finds the speaker in her cheerleading uniform. She catches him giving her a once-over and proceeds to tease him about his age and inappropriate behavior. That's when he decides to show her just how inappropriate he can be. Script by u/DallasWunderland My OnlyFans for audio requests: cherrytongue
Hello everyone! Lately I’ve been feeling kind of down and it’s a very personal audio for me. I talk about making content and my concerns about it. The first half is me asking for your opinion on content and telling a little bit about my audio journey. The second one is the sleeping session where you lay down with me and I try to get you to sleep with a sensual massage. This is my first ASMR. P.S.: I REALLY need YOUR personal opinion on my content as I genuinely want to get better and be happy with what I do. I welcome all advice and comments.
Let your fantasy guide you: just a moaning and wet sound session that might provoke any kinds of fantasies. Maybe you’re fucking two girls? Or she’s just too keen on switching ears? LISTEN IN HEADPHONES FOR THE BEST EFFECT.