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Courage_soup Audio Sex Stories 19

Script by u/Tender-Nina I’m sure someone else has experienced it at one point: the real world gets too overwhelming and you just want to shut yourself off. Be with your thoughts for a while. Try to figure things out at your own pace. Do everything you can to feel like yourself again. Your friends and loved ones mean the world to you, but you don’t even have the energy to reply to their messages. Still, receiving a kind word from them can make a difference.
You're a scriptwriter on reddit, and a stinky voice actor who doesn't shower frequently steals your script and rebrands it as theirs. To make their life easier, they decided to kidnap you and force you into slavery. the script is by u/kyoisafox
Hi, just saw you can also answer in voice form, so I wanted to try that, and excavated for that purpose a questionaire by u/scriptdoctornick that is close to my heart but was started month before I joined here. I will list the books I talk about down below.