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Criminalcreampie Audio Sex Stories 54

Premise: Your pervy roommate has been determined to get into your knickers since he moved in and today sees his opportunity to finally get what he wants. You return to your shared flat after a typically rubbish day at work and he offers to help you relax by cuddling on the sofa together, before taking advantage of the situation. Wonderful script by -
Script Summary You and your boyfriend are having a great time playing your favorite switch game together. After a couple rounds, your boyfriend is getting a little sleepy while playing. He insists for the both of you to take a nap together to get more energy for the rest of the day but your body isn’t in the mood for a nap. You wanna play a different game. Wonderful script by -
You've been held captive by a maniac who's obsessed with you. You try your best to stay strong and resist, he doesn't seem like he actually wants to hurt you. Sure, he might make threats every now and then, but he's never been violent. That all changes the moment you try to fight back. You might've just made a terrible mistake. Script by the wonderful /u/4tuneKukee
Script Summary - Your ex snuck back into your life for one night, then left as if she'd never even been back, stealing your hoodie on her way out the door. You've been thinking about that night since it happened, and you need to talk to her. It's raining, your feet have led you to her door, and she's wearing your hoodie. That means something, right? You're about to find out. Wonderful script by -
Summary You have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to complete your night-time routine so instead of being able to just go to sleep, you have to get up and get it done. Your partner has come up with a sneaky way to influence you to get it done earlier in the night…spoiler, it’s sex. Incredible script by u/QuietBecks