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Crowsandkisses Audio Sex Stories 26

Rest of the tags: Something exciting is afoot uwu The lovely u/snooooza gave me her blessing to flip her mafia scripts so here we are! This is the first of 4 so keep your eyes peeled for the rest! I also cannot do a NY or Boston accent to save my life but there are brief instances of me saying trying?? Either way dont judge me to hard lol I tried my best! Now,... Mind if I buy ya a drink? Kisses, Crow <3
And here it is! I tried to tackle it in a way that it feels more like actually being read a book rather than me just reading the text and nothing else! Also apologies for my fumbling, english is not my native language and like said in the audio, the text was tiny @-@ Anyway, Enjoy!
Hi again! Another off the cuff sorta thing, this time a little shorter and for the ladies~ I am a sucker for plot, starcrossed lovers and things set in bygone times and this is kind of the result of that. It's not incredibly explicit but I like to think there's both romance and erotica in there Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Enjoy! Kisses, Crow <3 Disclaimer: All characters in this audio are 18+. Please do not repost anywhere without my explicit permission
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