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Cupcakeaudio Audio Sex Stories 17

You and the girl who you've liked have been friends through thick and thin. When she calls you in a panic to use your computer, you let her without question. After she's done, she curiously looks through your history and finds out about your little secret. Turns out, your bestie knows exactly what to do to turn you on... Script by u/Pitful_Sky Want to listen to more? Come see me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/missnia Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissNiaSax
Scenario: Your girlfriend has gone off to uni, and been missing you so so dearly. She runs into some 'girls' that say they can help her get closer to you. Your girlfriend takes their advice and tells you she has a special show planned for you on a full moon. And boy, does she miss you so so much. Performed and Mixed by Miss Nia: https://twitter.com/MissNiaSax Written by MistyPurpull on Twitter:https://twitter.com/MistyPurpull
**This was an audio that was commissioned** Script Written by: Myself It's time to for your weekly meeting with your Mistress, and she's giving you the reward you've been craving for. A good old fashioned FaceSitting. Begging to breathe? Too bad. Find me at @missniasax on Twitter
You summon a succubus to give you pleasure you have never felt before, catch is, every time you cum she takes 1 day off your life. Will you be able to handle it? Script Written by: @plasmawarriorx on twitter Performed by: @missniasax on twitter
Every four years, the hungriest succubus breaks through to wreak sexual havoc among the humans of this realm. You, a poor stupid soul, have risen to the occasion to meet her when she breaks free. Will you survive the wrath of the Leap Year Succubus? Script by: @Swordbladez Voice by: @MissNiaSax (myself) on Twitter
It's the holiday season and for some of us, we'll be dragged along to party after party playing nice with even the most exasperating family members. But what happens when you promise your girlfriend a good time if she comes along with?
Listen on a conversation between two doms after one of them receives a brand spanking new sub. Script by: ronerran_ Follow me on Twitter: @MissNiaSax
Hey Naughtykins! Please, just give me your cock for Valentine's Day. This was a quick naughty, little Valentine's Day audio for all of you. I put it together this morning, and wanted to share it with you. This was completely improved so there's no script. Twitter: @MissNiaSax ENJOY!
Thank you all for over 500 filthy followers. Here's your reward, a taste of me.... Until next time.... You can follow me on Twitter @MissNiaSax Script and mixed by @TBruinsmaFilms #audioporn #erotica #nsfw