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Dicedradium Audio Sex Stories 26

After coming home from an exhausting day, I just want to sit down and unwind. You're making dinner, but you come over to welcome me home. After cuddling for a little and letting you know how much I appreciate you, the fun begins. I hope you enjoy it! A request fill for /u/chirpalert. Shoutout to /u/chirpsalot for helping me with the script!
I have for you a script that I worked on as a bit of a collaboration with someone who PM'd me. In it, you've been teasing me all day and we both wind up at a party, where your teasing doesn't stop. You come upstairs and find me...
A heavily tweaked script fill for /u/Buttery_Croissant. You're cold and want to warm up by stealing all my extra body heat. Lucky for you, I'm willing, or captive, one of those two.
This is a request fill for /u/klynn23. In this recording, you come to me and tell me about your previous partner who sexually abused you, afraid that I might get cold feet and bail on you. Quite the contrary, you mean so much to me and I'm more than willing to be patient while we work on this together. Enjoy! Also, shoutout to /u/PicklesandCoke for helping me edit this!
A fill of /u/pennyforyourtautbod's script "Christmas Eve" from her Holiday Script Quartet.
Part of a request fill for /u/-Enchantress. This is the third option, and has just the fuckin'.
Part of a request fill for /u/-Enchantress. This is the second option, and has just the pillow talk.
You seem a little off. Come here, let me see if we can't fix that. Based off a script by /u/shelterandstrength, tuned to be a bit more M4F. Enjoy!
A prompt for an audio request from /u/TheHottieNextDoor. You get so homesick and lonely on those trips you take, I thought I would steal away to write this note for you, and stash it along with a surprise in your bags. Enjoy.
Recording a script written by /u/KyloCast. You ask what "we" are and, to be frank, I thought it was pretty obvious. Enjoy!