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Eleventh_tail Audio Sex Stories 275

Summary: You just moved back in town, met a couple of old friends, talked about old flames. You hardly changed, still wearing your hair up the same way, loving the same food. They were pleasantly surprised that you haven't found anyone yet and decided they set you up with a blind date. You reluctantly agree, and just realized that you did not know what you got yourself into until you saw who you were set up with. Here's to hoping you get the same old eggs benedict.
Summary: You put on an outfit that you know for sure works for your boyfriend. You cook a big breakfast with the most sinful things you can think of. Too bad, he recently decided that he wanted to make the switch and try the vegan lifestyle. You’re convinced that the dry spell on him is because of said veganism. Well, you are in for it, it seems. Script by u/amaionna
You are a resident working in a large hospital assigned to the night shift. She (listener and your co-resident also on night shift) loves to hang out in the pediatric oncology ward and keep the kids occupied with origami. You are attracted to her, but things between the two of you are weird. You’re stuck in a “sometimes us, sometimes not” thing, and you don’t know where you stand with her. She’s almost late again for the prep meeting, and you find her again, in the pediatric oncology ward. You finally work up the courage to ask her why she keeps hanging out there. Things are brought up, and it turns out, she remembers the night of your date way differently than you have. You two set out to bond over origami.
Narrator is Listener's best friend, and they have a reputation for doing stupid stuff to flirt with the people they have a crush on. When they're talking about this subject with Listener, the topic of how they both first met comes up. While talking about this, it suddenly becomes clear to Listener that Narrator sure does a lot of odd things around them...
Summary: You’ve been working remotely for so long and there is a particular coworker that you’ve missed seeing everyday. You do need help with a report that is due and decide to call your coworker to ask her to come around to your house to help you. You hope that she doesn’t see through the thin facade you’ve created with your call for help. Script by u/tigeraa23
Summary: It took me months to talk you into letting me tie you up. For someone who claims to be so kinky, you're such a prude. But I knew I needed you completely helpless. So I wouldn't have to stop. So I could break you down, make you understand what you're meant for. With a mouth like this, you're not meant to work, baby. You're just made to suck cock. Main tags: Mentions of Script by u/LookingForMyBlueSky
An adorkable, bumbling, nervous-half-the-time grad student transfers from another lab, and he finds it hard to navigate the research in yours. This owing to the fact that he is yet to be familiar with how things work in your lab. Mercifully, you decide to help him with his research design, which turns out to be more much than what you signed up for.