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Entrechat Audio Sex Stories 83

Your college professor gives you your first Advanced Sex Ed tutorial - by fucking you hard in front of your fellow students and making you come repeatedly, as they watch and masturbate. I've tagged this because I briefly mention raping you as I fuck you, so it's potentially triggering, but all of the sex in this scenario is consensual. I had a rather fabulous orgasm recording this, so hopefully there are at least a couple of lovely orgasms in here for you too. Have fun with it ;) Entrechat xxx ******** Comments and/or PMs are very welcome - I love knowing when you've enjoyed my audios or when I've made you come, and I always reply :)
So I've come home and discovered you masturbating to men on GWA. Dirty little slut. First you're going to have to come for me. Then I'll fuck you good and hard, and cum right up inside you. I know it's exactly what you want. This one starts as a schlick instruction, very Dommy, making you come for me, and then becomes very rough, fucking you hard on the bed. I came rather damn hard, hope you do too x
An erotica author performs a reading of his erotica to an invited audience of women, late at night in a quiet, beautiful and rather gothic bookshop. After each of the girls nervously introduces herself to the other women present, the lights dim and the reading begins. One by one the girls begin to touch themselves. Seduced by the gasps and groans around them, others join in. Soon all the girls are masturbating together, intensely turned on. Orgasms begin to tumble, one after another after another, some girls touching each other, others masturbating and cumming decadently. Oh - and please do listen at the very end for an extra, bonus epilogue, specially recorded for the piece. I'd encourage you to play the whole thing (it's an hour long) rather than skip though it - this one really is all about the slow build-up, and you'll be rewarded fabulously as the audio progresses.
On a visit to the doctor for a physical, you mention to him that you've been having difficulty recently reaching orgasm. He enthusiastically helps you to reach a couple of delightful orgasms with some rather unorthodox examination techniques. Just try not to let the people in the waiting room hear you when you come ;) Gentle and intimate with a slight splash of Dom/sub, and a lovely orgasm for me. Hope it works for you too xx
A demon visits you in the dead of night, in your bed, and takes you for his own pleasure, forcing you to come for him. This one was a huge amount of fun to record - excuse the creaking bed once it really gets into it, I let myself really enjoy this one and came pretty intensely. Hope it works for you x
This definitely isn't rape, but it's rough and dommy, and I talk about forcing you to come for me, so I've added the tag for potential triggers x A little dirty improv, quick and dirty, in which I fuck you and cum inside your cunt. Hope you don't mind ;) Lots of growls, far too turned on to last long, and a very loud orgasm which felt really, really damn good. Still a little flustered here ;) Hope you enjoy x
You show up for a clinical trial investigating female sexuality and arousal. You’ve heard it might be fun, so you’ve dressed minimally to tease the doctor. Impressed by this and taking the upper hand, the doctor seduces you, touches you, convinces you to strip naked, and before you know it you’re masturbating urgently and desperately on his couch. And then things get even more intense...
It's a little known piece of trivia that I invented the 100-1 Challenge, a few years ago on a different site under a different guise. It developed from a game I played with subs, where it wouldn't allow them to cum whilst I was fucking or fingering them, until I had counted down to 1. I'm constantly delighted (and hugely turned on) that the idea continues to flourish. It's also about damn time I had a go at it myself, having inflicted it upon so many other innocents ;) Consequently, here's me having a go at my own challenge. Do I make it? I dunno, have a listen ;)
So I was masturbating, and I'd been edging for a while, and I had the house to myself, and I was really, really close to orgasm, and I suddenly thought "maybe I should record this, because I think it's going to be a big one", and so I hit record, and I came very quickly, very intensely, and frankly this audio is just dirty. Three and a half minutes of pure lust and orgasm. You know those audios where you skip the intros and just move ahead to the orgasm? You don't need to do that on this one, it starts pretty much straight away. Hope you enjoy!