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Gob384 Audio Sex Stories 29

IQ Drain, loyalty, submission, head pat, task trigger, puppy space trigger, induction
(induction)(Wakener)(suggestion to remove triggers)(ability to refuse unwanted triggers) Welcome to the hypnosis reset file. A little check up to clean up all triggers implanted in your mind. I welcome all to listen if they are unsure if they have been hypnotized and do not want any of the effects of hypnosis.
(induction)(wakener)(feel sexy to work out)(feel pleasure by working out)(m4a) A file to encourage you to work out at least 3 times a week. This file is meant to use sexual pleasure as a reward to get you in the gym.
This file will give the listener bigger boobs (2 cup size increase), rounder butt, smaller waist, instill the desire to lick or suck trusted partners, make you feel dumber, feel more suggestible, finding things you don't understand funny, and binaurals. All for the next hour, which can be extended with repeat listens. The file also gives a trigger that can be used to remove the effects of their bimbofication M4A, Body Transformation, No awakener, Induction.
Join your rock climber friend as you explore a mystical cave known for breeding with a certain beast. Watching her get rather bred and maybe ending up with a package yourself.
This is a file of my induction, to allow yourself the ability to be more easily entranced by me Gives a trance trigger, pleasure trigger, head pat trigger, and task trigger for future audio.
(No awakener) (Light trance) (suggestion to become more submissive) (listen to while working) (focused on your task and submitting) This is a file I created to help you become more submissive while still being able to remain on task. It contains suggestions to be more submissive to me, as well as others around you. It gives you the ability to wake up from trance on your own time.
Become a bunny person and happily receive many eggs to lay into your bunny hole (anal) making you feel full and pregnant for a time. No long term triggers with this file. You can either feel the effects of the file for an hour or only during the file. Made just in time for Easter, but able to be listened to at any time. M4A; induction,binaurals, egg laying, breeding, anal, bunny transformation, wakener
M4A; Body Affirmations; encouragement to be proud of your body and share your body and kinks with others whom you trust; removing guilt and embarrassment around sex and sexual topics. This file is made to help the listener feel more comfortable with expressing their desires with others without being an inherently sexual file in itself.
(induction)(wakener)(relaxation)(command to orgasm)(Suggestion to listen again weekly)(more powerful orgasm)(sexy body affirmations)(M4F)
(M4F)(Free)(Induction)(Awakener)(light aftercare)(transformation)(orgasm command)(suggestion to become bi) In this file I hypnotize you to feel the body of a man, as part of this I also recommend a light attraction towards women. You can listen to this file to feel like you have a flat chest, chest+ Penis, or full orgasm followed by either staying manly or going back to being a woman at the end. Full script: (speech to text) hello trance induction file in this trance file we will be attempting to allow you to feel transformed into the body of a man in the experience a male orgasm please listen to this file only if you are over the age of 18 in wish to experience this without out of the way we are ready to begin to start we are going to focus on your breathing taking a deep breath in holding to the count of three and then now a deep breath in holding to the count of three and then now in and out breathing vistening responding to my requests to my suggestion to my commands breathing in listening and responding to me as you pre in and out I wish for you to count for me counting down from 504948 et cetera as you count every breath you will feel slightly deeper slightly more focused on my word slightly more relaxed and much more suggestible allowing your mind to have everything else fade to the background as you focus on me and my words this is for me to help you to have you experience this wonderful feeling to be able to do what you want me to have you do every time you make an error in your counting for example 4947 whoops you'll restart from 50 each time you count down a little bit more difficult than the last resetting at 50 every time allowing your mind to loop into a wonderful spiral so you will allow me into your mind breathing listening responding simple tasks for a simple my because we are going to help your mind become oh so simple now with that out of the way I want you to ask yourself and respond with an enthusiastic yes to each of these questions do you trust me do you trust me to have temporary control over your mind thoughts feelings emotions perceptions do you consent to me having this power over you if no you can comfortly stop listening to this file and end however if yes you are ready to continue getting more relaxed knowing how much I value your concern knowing how much I value the power you instill to me knowing how much I value as a listener to this file breathing listening responding simple tasks for a simple mind so much more relaxed than before so much more focus on my word listening enthusiastically awaiting the reward at the end of this fine to allow yourself to be transformed to allow yourself to experience the pleasure of a man such a wonderful experience available to you in exchange for your trust as a sample trigger I am going to say head to pant every time I say head pat you will feel a soft warm pat on your head this pat will feel you with feeling of reassure comfort and slight submissiveness acknowledging the power I hold over you now let's try head pat feeling yourself in joy that wonderful trigger that wonderful world knowing if you don't quite feel it you can restart the thigh to listen again to be inducted heavier and deeper more suggestible to my voice more relaxed than you started before and so so much more focus as we count you down bit by bit 5 what was once buzzing and fluttering a clouded mind of thought becoming slow as your thoughts condensed for me 4 those condensed thoughts for me a cloud a haze in your mind as it begins to pour over your brain the three the rain washing down the crevices of your mind smoothing out those wrinkle allowing it to be washed and ready for my word 2 your awareness fading away as that fluid begins to swirl in a spiral flowing out of your murray draining away one ready to accept my word as you deep drop deep drop into transfer me deeper and deeper more and more focus into this wonderful stay off the blast now you are ready for your transformation as part of this transformation I am going to give you another tricker for you to accept this trigger will be a short hand for me to you and after listening to this file can be removed by you simply saying trick her break aloud this trigger is transform every time I say transform followed by the transformation you will undergo you will feel this sensation happening to your body or mine as I see fit if you do not feel comfortable with this then you may stop listening and be able to be brought back up from trance comfortably and easily but if you accept this trigger then we are ready to change your body first we are going to chain those breasts of yours to make them feel flatter more like how a man would feel as you transform feeling your breasts grow smaller and smaller decreasing by one cup size every 10 seconds until they are flat against your chest your chest still a little bit sensitive as it accepts the mass back into your body and feel your chest tightened as your press decrease in size following this allow the transformation to pause for a moment feeling your chest recognizing health flat you were knowing no matter how largely were before you are nice and flat if you want you could end the file here a nice flat chest for the rest of the day but if you wish to continue weak may now continuing on feel that chest that you have all of that fatty tissue in your body as we continue to transform your body your pressed fat now going to your groin pushing above the limbs of your vagina in against Sir Clinton has it grows bigger and bigger every 10 seconds another inch up to 8 inches nice and large thick and able to fit your hand feeling me give it a nice rap hail light straw for your body as you feel away of pleasure shoot through your body the warmth of my hand I can steer member feeling a building sensation as the fat continues to transform leaving two mighty testicles already eager to churn out their Jews and here we will once again pause your transformation allowing you a brain feeling nice in my hand allowing you to feel flat chest and a nice spawny feeling a bit more stronger than you normally would be feeling much more masculine if you weren't already at least passively into women you certainly can ponder how having such a member might be useful for pleasuring them increasing your attraction toward women how pretty they are how you would love to be with one to play with 1 to kiss 1 to feel the insides of 1 all of those things idle thought thanks to the testosterone running through your body not to dissuade your love of men in any way but to allow your my to explore these concepts once again another opportunity to leave this file to feel what it is like to be a man for the day to know that this body of yours that you have you can be in and enjoy resetting after the next time you sleep or if you say woman again out loud reverting you to your normal body but if you're still listening it is because you want a little more than to feel this way don't you feel me rubbing your bone up and down like you would in your body a tenseness a denseness between your legs being hell if feeling it for yourself slightly squishy but getting harder and denser with each passing moment that dull arousal sending little drops of dopamine to your mind feeling yourself intensify within need of release feeling your testicles tighten not the idea of being able to spread its wonderful feeling as you subconsciously thrust your hips ever so slightly feeling yourself go into my hand into your hand back and forth letting yourself give in to your pleasure back and forth back and forth every thrust sending a slightly more intense wave of pleasure to your body as you build up to Orgasm higher and higher you will be able to experience orgasm when I say release with this orgasm will be that of a man you will feel your testicles tighten you will feel thick hot realms be released from your shaft you will feel with each of those ropes anywhere from 3 to 7 that release from your body an intense feeling of pleasure after you have release a stain of bliss and comfort in euphoria entering your body as things for a job well done feeling me stroking you you make for such an attractive man I hope you know that there were girls around that they would be all over you or maybe you would like to prefer men such as myself to be able to give you some help you do feel very nice and honestly make my stomach flutter a bit and jealous of how large you are in a good way you are a very attractive specimen and I want to reward you for this for your trust in me feeling your arousal build and build and bill and now being time conscious offense I think you have earned your reborn that final bit of 3 2 1 release release that pent up seed into my hand release allowing yourself to orgasm completely those little bodies shutters as your pelvic thrust so much into my hand giving me your reward HM thank you thank you for this I hope that you enjoy and if you wish you can return to your female form as I count you up that will be the natural state of thing but if you wish to play in the spotty for a little bit longer oh for the rest of the day all you need to say right now is man up and you will retain the body slightly stronger nice and flat chest it hinda magnificent specimen between your legs for the rest of the day until you next sleep with that being sent we are ready to count Yuma 1D content happy and in a blissful state to a deep breath in feeling energized and rejuvenated three awareness return for the trickles of thought entering in your mind once again 5 awaken and free from trance you did a very good job and thank you for allowing me to take you on this journey I want you to know that you are cared about and that you are valid be you some one who is female and wanted to try out a new experience or someone who is looking for more than masculine side of thing in either case you are happy and I am happy dow once again thank you and I hope you feel very very good
It is such a shame to have cum go to waste don't you think? Wouldn't it be better if it had the chance to enter someone else? You can help end this sad fate by taking the cum conservation pledge. In this file, I induct you to be unable to cum for the rest of the week unless you are either creampied or creampie someone else. This can also be done if you are anally creampied, or swallow a bj. Failure to do so will lead to an increase of arousal with each passing day, resetting on each Sunday. This file also encourages the listener to have their partner take the pledge as well (this part is not necessary for orgasming and is made in a way where it can be ignored).
This is a M4F file that has encouragements to reject femininity and embracing being a pretty boi. This is meant to be taken in a Fantasy erotic context. There are suggestions to do repeat listening and imagine yourself more and more as a masculine person.
Have your mind melt into your breasts for better opportunity to play with in this audio. Witness as your mind is melted down into two wonderful puffy flaps of fat. Increasing your sensitivity and pleasure as you play with yourself. SCRIPT: To start, we are going to focus on your breathing. Taking a DEEP breath in Holding 1.2.3. And out A DEEP breath in Holding 1.2.3. And out And repeat For every breath you take, you will feel slightly more relaxed Every breath, you will become more focused on my words And for every breath, you will become more suggestible under my influence Counting your breaths down from 50, each number down just a bit more difficult than the last. Resetting after each and every mistake Allowing your conscious mind to idle as your subconscious focuses on my words as we gently bring you down into trance Breathing Listening Responding These will be your tasks. Oh so simple. Breathing in, holding, and out. Reading my words Responding to my questions Simple tasks for a simple mind Because we are going to help your mind become more simple Nice and relaxed And very suggestible That is why it is important that you trust me To trust my suggestions are here to help you feel SO GOOD To trust that I am safe So you can simply focus on my words And truly relax Breathing Listening Responding Simple tasks for a simple mind Trusting me Wishing to be tranced by me Wishing to give me temporary control of your thoughts, emotions, feelings so that I may melt your mind into simple piles of fat so similar to your wonderful breasts A simple count down 5) visualizing your brain, your mind, your thinking capacity. Seeing it all inside of your head. Following my words as they slowly become your reality 4) Watching your brain become smooth, obedient, morphing into 2 hypnotic spheres jiggling and bouncing 3) watching in awe and excitement as you witness your brain grow nipples, perfectly replicating your boobs 2) Every bounce, every movement, every word read drawing you further and further in 1) allowing what was once your mind to become fully focused on its purpose. To melt. To become one with your boobs. Your prospective lowering. Every brush or touch of your breasts becoming more sensitive. As your mind melds with your wonderful breasts on your body Letting you DEEP DROP Fully entranced Able to respond Able to read Able to follow basic commands Able to lightly touch your left breast, and notice how much more sensitive it is Sending little pulses of pleasure straight into your mind Happy to have these wonderful lumps of flesh as part of yourself Of being yourself Cupping them, letting you bounce UP and DOWN A massage of your boob a massage of your brain Every moment of trance becoming further intwined with your perfect tits. Increasing its sensitivity. Increasing your desire to feel them. Increasing your desire to be them as they pull you DEEPer and DEEPer If at any point you need to come out of trance, all you will need to say is RISE, and will be pulled back out of trance. Enjoying yourself Enjoying your mind Enjoying what your brain has become Tits Your tits Your wonderful tits on your pretty body Melted away. So quickly. So easily Able to fall down without the slightest of resistance It is a wonder you hadn't melted away sooner Feels nice to touch, to pull, to tug Sending more and more intense waves of pleasure through your body As you pull, prod, into your wonderful 'mind' allow it to take greater effects on you. Making you feel a bit dumber do to the mushy nature of your brain Allowing you to embrace your tits. To love your breasts. To love yourself in exciting new ways To enjoy the softness of your hands and how smoothly they glide across your body To be able to stir your nipples in circles to send your mind into dual spirals, bringing you deeper into trance, deepening your connection Take your left hand, and lightly pinch your nipple, followed by lightly pulling on it outwards, then slowly pushing it inwards on your right breast With your right hand, gently soak your pointer and index finger with your mouth or pussy, and rub it on the top of both of your breasts Your arms are an extension to bring further pleasure to your breasts and thus your brain You deserve to feel pleasure You deserve to feel so so good Once done, using your right hand to make circles on your right breast nipple, as you lightly bounce your left breast up and down with your left hand As this happens, feeling your mushy mind stir and swirl from the stimulation As if your brain is pure liquid now As you are embraced by your arms, Overstimulated in all of the right ways Groped, tugged, held Constant memories of pleasure flooding into your mind Being enough as your body is free to prepare itself for orgasm In 3 2 1 CUM Released Empty And Happy Allowing me to bring you back up Bringing your mind back into its proper place Having enjoyed yourself Each time listening to this file, it growing slightly more powerful Thank you for letting me trance you I hope you have a wonderful day, night, evening Take care
Experience pregnancy without needing to feel the sex stuff. In this file you will be taken on a journey. Starting from having your womb flooded with swimmers, to implanting onto your womb. Then rapid growth as your breasts and belly expand. You will be able to experience all 3 stages of pregnancy, and by the end of the file choose which state you wish to experience the longest. The file effects will last the rest of the day or be cut short at will with pleasurable contractions.
MFA, induction, awakener, suggestions to become bi-sexual This audio is designed to give the listener a 'bi-sexual awakening' to make the user believe that they are indeed bi-sexual while increasing their attraction to both genders. This file is meant more to help people explore their own sexuality in an unbiased manner, and is not meant to be a form of conversion therapy. The triggers for this file are: "HEAD PAT" feel a soft warm pat on the head that fills you with reassurance and helps you feel more submissive to me "BI AWAKENING" which is used to help reform your mind to make you believe that you are bi-sexual. Again, this is will likely make you THINK you are bi-sexual and results may vary if you actually are.