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Goldmangw Audio Sex Stories 34

Really loved reading this script by /u/pennyforyourtautbod, so I thought I'd give it a shot. We've been co-workers for a few months now, so when I see you struggling to get your car started, I offer you a ride home. But when a slip of the tongue causes you to question my intentions, we decide to pull over and explore the tension that's been growing between us. Sound provided by the Free Sound Project.
My car stalled in front of your house in the middle of the biggest snow storm of the year. You were generous enough to take me in, give me a blanket and a fire to warm up next to. But now that the power is out, what should we do to pass the time?
You hired me to track down the man who tried to kill your husband. I didn't expect to be attacked by a bunch of goons at his speakeasy. It's late, I'm exhausted, and all I want is a drink and a woman to rub my shoulders. But then, you came to my door with a request...
Weddings can be long affairs, especially for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen; and even more especially for those who don't know the other friends and families in attendance. We spotted each other dancing alone during the reception and slowly grew closer as the evening went on. Eventually, our hips were swaying together so closely that we knew we would have to escape the rest of the wedding party. Now, we've snuck off to one of the dressing rooms to test that attraction. I'm a little cocky, but then again so are you. Let's see just how much fun we can get up to while the party winds down.
When I came to London to continue my research of the occult, I had no idea that I would meet the very thing that had fascinated me my entire life - a vampire. The Vampire Queen, in fact. After getting acquainted, you asked me to be your servant, to aid you in the coming years. It's taken some time to come to terms with the request, but now I have an answer for you...
I've just won a round of blackjack and am looking for someone to celebrate with. When you catch my eye, I have to see if my lucky streak can continue. We mingle, we dance and as the night goes on, we get more curious. All music provided by Free Sound Project and is labeled as Creative Commons.
It's been seven years since I last touched a woman and last night, you made me wait even longer. You made me touch myself for you. But when I awaken, I'm looking for something a bit more... But you're still not sure if I'm ready yet...you tease. This is the sequel to "It's Been So Long (Part I), feel free to go back and enjoy.
It's been seven years since I last touched a woman, and for the second time in one night, you've made me wait even longer. But this time, I've made you a promise and I intend to make good on it. Finally, you seem ready to stop playing the coy seductress and let me have you. This is the sequel to "It's Been So Long (http://soundgasm.net/u/GoldmanGW/M4F-Its-Been-So-LongPart-I-beggingmutual-masturbationmild-msub) & (http://soundgasm.net/u/GoldmanGW/M4F-Its-Been-So-LongPart-II-beggingoralmild-msubman-sounds)". You probably want to listen to those first. I'm taking requests for the future if anyone has anything in particular they would like to hear.
After working hard for years, you've finally done it, you've won the Women's Championship. When we meet in the locker room after your match, I admit that watching someone so strong, so fierce, so sexy has me wanting to treat you like the champion, the goddess you are.
It's been a long time, but the sequel to "Lucky Night" is finally here. After meeting on the floor of a casino - where we danced, played some roulette and found ourselves a dark corner to get more acquainted - we've made our way up to my penthouse suite. Taking some time to relax, I've drawn you a bath and ordered room service. To pass the time, we play a game, a game that gets us both more than we bargained for. Feedback is always welcome.