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Gradgirl2010 Audio Sex Stories 12

*** It’s after the turf war with Sir Pentitous came to a disastrous halt. Sure, Cherri got the piece of city she wanted thanks to Angel Dust. Poggers to her. HOWEVER when some piece of shit part of her crew decides to show up WAY AFTER the fight is done, Cherri explodes! Once again this shit stain totally stays in hiding while the action is happening, then shows up as if he’s going to fool people into believing that he was “late” or just got blown away and wasn’t able to make it. Cherri has had enough of this shit’s crap and decides its time to punish him. No, not kill him. He’s in Hell. No one dies. Unless… NO ONE DIES! The cowardly piece of shit is going to be waiting on her hand and foot. Feeding her, serving her booze, rubbing her feet, polishing her cherries - THE WHOLE NINE CIRCLES! However, something strange starts to happen. The shitstain...actually starts enjoying feeding Cherri, and doesn’t stop when she starts gaining weight out of nowhere.
I've been such a coward towards you for so long. I've never been able to tell you how much I love you because I'm scared of losing you. Well, time to face my fears and pour my heart out to you. Even if you reject me, I'll feel better that I told you my feelings before exploding.