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Hearteyesforever Audio Sex Stories 40

Descriptors: The rape tag is NOT just there because it's somno, but also because the speaker is doing something clearly against the listener's will since the speaker mentions the listener not wanting kids so be warned and mind the tags. The speaker mentions taking fertility drugs/pills. There's a lot of manipulative language and gaslighting in this script and it's implied that she does this regularly! ~~~ u/ElbyWritesAgain coming in hoooot with the crazy girl representation! I read this amazing script and knew I had to fill it immediately! <3 (pls pls mind the tags and descriptors- this girl is hot but insane) ~~~
You came all this way to see your girlfriend, just for her to be engrossed in a book, not even bothering to properly talk to you. She needs more stimuli. More... excitement. Luckily, you knew this would happen. You came prepared with a goodie bag- and now it's time to play with your toy <3 ~~ Huge, huge thank you to u/lambchopperchto on reddit for this script! ```
Synopsis: The girl you hooked up with last weekend is now addicted to you.. She can’t seem to get enough of you. You guys are supposed to go out again tonight, and she can’t wait to see you. In anticipation of the evening, she calls you, talking about her fantasies and the things she wants you to do to her tonight. She gets so turned on that she starts touching herself while talking to you.. And soon.. She can’t stop begging. Thanks a million to u/I_Nortrom for this amazing script :,)