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Htharpy Audio Sex Stories 17

Hi! I'm back~ It's been a minute. Content: F4M, Gentle Fdom, Caught Watching Porn, Fetish Encouragement, GFE, Handjob, Dildo Sucking, M Anal, Cum Eating, Aftercare, Praise, Mild Degradation, Good boy, Futa Mentions, Pegging Mentions
Who would have thought her praying to a fertility Goddess would result in being bred by the Goddess's huge cock? Content: Futa, Lesbian, Breeding, Cream pie, Rough Blowjob, Deep Throat, Swallowing Cum, Goddess, FF4A FutaF4A, Anal Script by Mescc Support me and gain access to exclusive content, polls and a 60+ audio library on my Patreon! ✨
A special, extra long, publicly available audio for No Nut November Your gentle domme girlfriend thinks it would be fun to try and get you to break... Does it work? Let's find out! Content: F4M, Teasing, Seduction, Masturbating in front of you, Blowjob, Riding, No Nut November
Girlfriend’s First Attempt At Being A Dom. I saw this script offer and thought it was very sweet and well done and had to give it a shot! A script fill for u/gowonzu2, thanks for the amazing writing! Concept: A girl wants to try out her Fdom kink with her boyfriend, with a safeword of course. Full of Nervous energy, wholesome couples Dirty/Demeaning talk, rough play, tieing up, biting, choking, general Fdoming goodness. Gets a bit wild, but again, that’s why we have safewords.