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Ivedonethattoo Audio Sex Stories 37

Discouraged by his lack of social skills, a socially anxious guy leaves class in the middle of his oral presentation. Luckily for him, the girl he’s been crushing on for the past few months follows him and comforts him. Despite the guy’s nervousness, their conversation becomes increasingly intimate, and soon their mutual attraction becomes clear to both of them.
Best friend needs you to comfort her on a bad day First time First time Performers: Female Listeners: Male Summary Your BFF is having a bad day and comes to you for comfort. Unfortunately she catches you in the middle of a nap. Maybe a cuddle-nap is just the thing to cure her blues.
My first F4F audio! Cum Camping With Me Summary: You wake up in the morning, with the most beautiful sunrise streaming through your tent/camper/van/cabin in the woods. You're surrounded by nature, have the morning to yourselves, and spend it having amazing sex. There is 0 actual camping content.
Author Summary: Right before heading to bed, your BFF finds out that the air mattress you’re supposed to sleep on is leaky. But good news! She doesn’t mind sharing her bed with you… at all! But since the both of you aren’t exactly tired just yet, she takes this opportunity to tell you something she’s been wanting to say for a very long time. Will this put a strain on your friendship? Or is something new and magical about to blossom between the two of you?
Iced latte With Breast Milk I Mean Breast Milk I Mean... Based of the internet meme, the unusually busty barista gets asked to add an extra ingredient into the listeners coffee, she happily entertains the idea and then some. Barista is written to be warm loving/caring Mommy Dom type (Doesnt call herself Mommy) I wrote this with a southern accent in mind, calling the listener ‘sugar’ and ‘darling’ but by all means perform it however you think works best. sfx from Freesound: https://freesound.org/s/570519/
Geek Couple Expand the Family . After having made it through the first two years of raising a baby, and a hectic couple of recent months, a geek-couple finally get a chance to go back to their favorite nerd convention. Being back at the spot where they met all those years ago starts to bring back memories, and pretty soon they find themselves sneaking away to the secluded conference room on the fifth floor..
Over-the-couch arm Summary: A young woman is out to dinner with her mentor, who has always been professional and respectful while leading her through her first years of work. But now she is moving on to other opportunities. They share a goodbye dinner where he gives her a beautiful and thoughtful gift, and she gives him… her panties (and more, if he's interested). Spoiler Alert: He's interested.
A Game of Office Cat n’ Mouse Summary: You've had this little cat n' mouse thing going with your work rival for a while. One day, in the office break room, the tension finally breaks and she decides to take control and have a little fun with you. Despite yourself, you're all too willing to give in. It's a good thing she takes care of her toys.
It’s not your kind of thing *“I don’t think you’d like it,” I said. “It takes a certain kind of person, and everything I’ve seen. Well, it’s* *just not for you.” I didn’t want to freak him out about how I liked to deal with my boys, my hookups. I’m well-aware not everyone wants to be told when to cum, how to cum, if they can cum. It’s not for everybody. And I can usually tell right away. There’s a look, or a set to the shoulders. And I just know. If I put a hand around the throat. Or grab the balls. They are down on their fucking knees for me.* *And he agreed. “Not my kind of thing." And it wasn't. Until it was.*