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Jfbette Audio Sex Stories 12

The Tutorial Slime Is Mad You Skipped Her Quest Script by u/theycalledhimquiet Wow. Such a compelling and fun script. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this. I decided to challenge myself by making all the slime sfx myself and playing with a monster voice. Overall, I think this one turned out great. Let me know what you think! **Performer Summary**: You're a slime in a tutorial dungeon, and as far as you can tell you're the only monster in the whole place, which makes you the Boss, right? You revel in your "elite" status, until an adventurer passes you by, deciding you aren't worth the trouble. You swallow your pride and challenge him to a battle of a different kind. Surely it will be easier wearing him out with your body than with attacks! **Listener Summary**: You're an adventurer exploring a dungeon trying to gain some quick experience and easy loot, but it turns out the only monster in the entire dungeon is a simple slime! It's cute she thinks she's the boss but she hardly poses a threat. You're better off looking for a greater challenge elsewhere. She's offended you'd pass her by, and offers you a challenge of a different ^(Disclaimer: This is fantasy made by an 18+ person for an 18+ audience)
SUPER mild to be safe Oh my goodness, when u/elbywritesagain said this was not a beginner audio they were absolutely not kidding. I had to redo this entire track no less than three times and the amount of takes and redos was astronomical. This was an incredibly satisfying audio to do, not only because of the great writing, but because of how well it lends to developing character in a relatively short time. I’m also pleased with this audio from a technical standpoint because I feel I’m getting better with producing clearer and less fuzzy audios. All in all, I love it and I hope you will too! Authors notes: This is the most outrageously subby and whimpery/needy fsub script I've ever done and omg I'm so excited to share it with all of you, I hope you'll like it!! (https://www.reddit.com/r/GWAScriptGuild/comments/z0dz16/f4m_i_want_to_go_dumb_on_your_cock_daddy_3_script/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1)
Voicemails From A Friend's Wife. ? Super cool script and my very first fill. Audio with minimal sound effects, and a slight telephone overlay. Lots of whispers and breathy sounds. Script by u/b-mod20m (https://www.reddit.com/r/GWAScriptGuild/comments/x1m9b5/f4m_script_offer_voicemails_from_a_friends_wife/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)
This audio was challenging and incredibly fun to do. Script by u/Burwinkle_Hendershot Summary: Wait, is that present that Santa left under your tree TALKING? Turns out that a poor elf from Santa's workshop was shoved into a box by some mean elf-girls. She seems very nice, if a bit shy, and is interested in giving you some very nice gifts.
I had an idea for a script so I figured I’d try writing one. Written and performed by me. Summary You show up to your old mistress’ house to beg for a second chance. She sees a perfect opportunity to use you. Trigger warning degradation: slut, whore, stupid, dumb, pathetic, pet, object, dirty. Ambiguous listener, female speaker, mention of female genitalia. Script disclaimer: Script contains sensitive material intended for use by adults. Potentially offensive and triggering language. All characters are implied adults. (https://scriptbin.works/u/jfbette/f4a-not-forgiven-not-forgotten-part-1-fdom-degrading)
First installment in a new series of short audios. This audio is from the perspective of your obsessed stalker. I’ve taken so much time to keep you here. With me. But you keep running away. If you keep trying to run I might get the wrong idea… I just love you so much. I’m just passionate. Don’t run away baby. You know I’ll always find you. FEMALE VOICE · FOR ALL · SFW · BONDAGE · ROPE · WHISPERS · SHORT STORY · POSSESSIVE · SOFTLY SPOKEN · YANDERE · RESTRAINED · IMPROV