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Just_a_drifta Audio Sex Stories 30

Hey there GWA! This is my first ever post on here and although it may not be great I figured I’d share everything as I want to see myself improve at making these and I find them fun to make and share. So here you go! Hope you enjoy. ( I do repeat myself a little during this and I’ll try to fix that next time!) any feedback or criticism is welcome :)
Hey there, this script was wrote by u/candiedlips Great script and I thought I’d have a go at filling it. With some changed here and there and some improv. Best listening too when fully clothed to start with if you wish to fully partake in the instructions. You’re my little slut. I know why you’re here so do you. Listen to my voice and do as I say. Follow every instruction and daddy will make sure you have a fun time <3