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Kardinalsin Audio Sex Stories 101

You signed up to be a guinea pig for a new pain killer... but there is a potential side effect that needs to be *thoroughly* investigated and it seems like you're one of the (un)lucky subject to help this company test it. And we are going to keep gathering data until we have a definitive answer. You should have definitely read that fine print.
So... I've wanted to make an M4M audio for a while... it is very much in keeping with my pan sensibilities. And somehow for my first, the idea that I'd play a doctor just seemed natural, and I don't know why. It just seemed like a good fit hehe. The audio starts out a little slow I admit... but once I get into it... I growl and my sinister laugh comes out and... well... things do escalate quickly after that hehehe.
You awake to a voice in your ear... a stranger in your bed... and he slowly and gently toys with you... and makes you beg for more. He knows you want to come... but you are going to have to ask permission first.
I think you can tell by those tags that this got dark. Like really fucking dark. Be forewarned. Also, because I used particular effects to simulate drugging during part of the audio, headphones are recommended. "I know what's happening doesn't seem like fun now... but after I break you in, you'll enjoy it so. so much. And if you don't... well, you won't like what happens then."
You ran a red light and resisted arrest. You want to be forgiven, absolved... but for that, well, I'm going to want something from you as well... if you catch my drift. And you are a smart girl. You know exactly what that means.
The idea for this audio started with just the title phrase, which popped into my head a few days ago when I was working on a script, and it just sort of built from there. There is definitely ambiguity in this audio too. When I recorded this, I was just going to tag this as rape, but as I was editing it, it also came across as rapeplay too... that is was role play between two people, and worked as CNC as well. I didn't tag it that way because, well, because the ambiguity works for me... and I think it allows more people to enjoy this in a way they are comfortable with.