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Kayofjohannava Audio Sex Stories 59

Sorry I missed the Friday upload y'all. Lemme give you some futa AND orc content to make up for it <3 This fun little script was written by u/DarkStar1926, and was recommended to me by one of my sweet little fans! I just got a new microphone and tried some new stuff with noise reduction settings, so tell me if y'all think it sounds better or worse or anything! Love y'all!
After a request, I decided to do a fill of u/SkippTheScript 's futa interview from a F4F perspective You saw an advertisement for a maid in an all girl dorm. It comes with free board, and has great pay! There's just one small catch... If you're a good boy instead of a good girl, I did a F4M version here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/r6doan/f4m_interview_for_futa_dorm_rooms_free_use/
More Tags: u/kudont cannot escape me filling all of their scripts!! As such, I'm doing this whole damn series in 3 days! Little warning, I do use my "man" voice twice during this. Both uses are very short, but if that'll turn you off then this probably isn't for you
This hot as fuck script was written by u/hecatescrossroad , who I feel I need to apologize to for the Brooklyn accent. Look, don't put jabroni in your script if you don't want me to do that. A scrawny emo boy decides to finally use the gym membership he got after last New Years. Luckily, the gym he joined is one of those 24 hour places, so it works with his night-owl schedule. He goes into the gym in the early hours of the morning one day, expecting it to be empty, only to find a large, and rather imposing looking woman staring at him with predatory eyes...
MORE TAGS: Finally get to put living in the south for so goddamn long to good use! This cute little impreg script was written by u/GameQube2. Wanna fuck your cowgirl boss? Get her knocked up? This is a relatable feeling that all people have and I will not hear otherwise.
Hoo boy I had some writer's block on this one. I honestly had to improvise a LOT of this. But momma did promise a prequel to her half-orc story, and here's part 1! You're a small statured wizard who has traveled to the snowy north to study the ancient magics of the demon lord. Unfortunately, your caravan was attacked by orcs, and a large warrior among them has looked upon you with hungry eyes. Snow Sound Effect: https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/397946/ Wind Sound Effect: https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/405561/ Fire Sound Effect: https://freesound.org/people/georra43/sounds/446376/ Listen to the file including these two character's daughter: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/qu05nf/tf4m_big_orc_girl_is_thirsty_anal_fdom_to_fsub/
A bit more of a slow burn today! Hope you all enjoy being pulled deep underwater by your's truly. This one was written by u/TheTakenCatking, who also wrote a nice ambient description! Deep within the ocean many creatures thought to be impossible roam. This has been a fact since before the time of the previous Demon Lord. Many of these monsters still exist in the depths to this day, unaware of the changes that they have undergone due to the Demon Queen’s spell. These monsters bide their time living day to day hunting the other creatures that live in the deep ocean. However, there are some monsters that fled to the sanctity of the deep ocean to evade fate, one of such monsters is known as the Megalodon. The Megalodon was considered a rare monster even by the adventurers of old as their teeth were well sought after. By the time monster girls started to appear it was originally thought that the megalodons had been hunted to extinction, this was not true. These megalodons are not the exact same as the megalodons that existed in the times of the titan beasts, but they are similar in nearly every aspect, the only difference is that as a monster nearing extinction the few remaining megalodons were granted sanctuary in the deep by the god Poseidon; here the few remaining megalodons lived, protected from the pressure of the deep. Even though the fighting between human and monster has long since stopped and the Demon Queen and Chief Goddess struck a deal so that coexistence was possible, there are many parts of the world which have gone unexplored. The journey that is being pursued is not a story of a hero seeking wealth, that time has long since passed, but in a sense there is still wealth to be found as there is wealth in knowledge. Poseidon has guarded the deep for nearly an eon but became distracted after the Demon Queen turned all paracasual entities in her power to follow the rules that were created. The creation and refining of Sea Bishops took time and by the time they were perfected the deep was long forgotten, until today. As of now, venturing beyond the planet is out of the question as neither the Chief Goddess or Demon Queen claims domain over that realm and in doing so would create a new age of uncertainty much like the age that sparked the war between humans and monsters. Due to this, humanity and monsters who seek to learn more of the world have changed their sights to look below the waves and into the deep. You are one such scientist on this exhibition. The vessel you plan to tale, Wave Splitter, is to plunge deep into the depths of the ocean. If either the Chief Goddess or Demon Queen knew of what lies in the deep they would have reconsidered allowing this journey to happen. Know that monsters will never voluntarily hurt a human in this age, but these creatures, those forgotten by time after being abused by mortals and gods alike, know not of the changes that have taken place, at best they are ignorant and at worst they are defiant. The Megalodon, who now has the form of a large mershark with colors darkened with age, watches as a light, the first light she’s seen in years, grow from a small speck to a sun which she has gone millennia without seeing. What is she to think? “Enemy.” Is all she says.