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Lauraloveshanks Audio Sex Stories 18

Your hot tomboy roomate sexually frustrated by you finally snaps and fucks you mercilessly Script from reddit by u/Taurean_adift Editing by PunchingDonut You know your sexy tomboy roommate is sexually frustrated, yet you get a perverse delight in teasing her even more. Well, one day she had had enough of your bullshit and fucks you uncontrollably, riding your face, and using you as her fucktoy to release months of pent up desire.
Sneaking off to have some dirty fun from a party at an abandoned church? A church de-consecrated since the previous priest murdered children in Satanic sacrifice? What could possibly go wrong... From a script by reddit u/LateStageInfernalism
When the rest of the group fail to show up for the D&D session, the DM and her friend end up exploring new ways to RP.
You tell your girlfriend you don’t think you’re good enough for her, she is not gonna have that so she teaches you a lesson by tying you up and kissing you while telling you you’re worth her time. You start to enjoy this, but she’s not gonna let you cum until you say a few things about how awesome you are. Script by MattyestMatt
A reading of one of the Smut Peddler story from the game Max Gentleman Sexy Business! Penny Farthing in a story of mad science and fucking machines.