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Lifeofalibertine Audio Sex Stories 10

(Hint: Listen to Euphoria at least half a dozen times first). Paradise is an hour-long trance designed to induce a deep trance state and make you edge, over and over. Mantras, themes of addiction, lots of mind control, potential "curse" to permanently deny you orgasms. Dildo sucking encouragement, if desired. Possible to loop, but don't listen too long.
Your cruel and condescending ballet instructor is kind enough to correct you on your poor form.
Asmodeus had a lover, one he was completely loyal to, and one who loved him back. They even had a daughter together. When Asmodeus' consort was killed by the archduke Levistus for refusing to sleep with him, Asmodeus encased him in magical ice for an eternity, and was so distraught that he never took another lover again. That such an evil figure could have a soft, loving side...
There is a man who lives alone in an old house. For some reason, all the women have the town have convinced themselves that he is a vampire and keep daring each other to pay him a visit. One night, he finds that lady has broken into his house and is pondering the books in his study. He knows why she's there and he could inform that he is not a vampire, but he does so love to tease...