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Screw those people if they can’t see past a chair. Let’s “liberate” a bottle of their wine and make out in the moonlight.
It begins snowing late one night and you ask your partner to wake up and watch the snow with you.
Just experimenting with a little bit of audio nonsense - a thunder storm. No voices.
Sometimes the last thing you want to do is go home for the holidays. But when two people find a special connection with each other, anywhere can feel like home.
Much academic dispute has revolved around the authenticity of this found Mark Twain manuscript. Signed only S.C., it is difficult to imagine the famed father of American letters holding interest in the vulgar. Further, to whom could he have been writing such a tale? The letter is unaddressed, as if conceived to be sent, but never executed. Nevertheless, many (see Smythe, 1997, Jones et al 2002) believe the home-spun style and familiar feeling characterizations are strong enough indicators to offer the possibility of a found piece in an unfamiliar genre. Indeed, others (Garcias, 2012) go so far as to suggest Twain himself, or his body of work, is an amalgamation of authors a la Shakespeare. While we reject this assertion on historical record alone, it is undeniable that this short story - the Lonely Three-Breasted Woman of the Stromboli Circus - addresses themes of interest to Twain. Enough so that we accept the possibility it is indeed an authentic lost story, as advertised.
They’ve met every weekday for four months on the #3 to downtown and written seven chapters of her cell phone novel. But she refuses to decide how it will end. Because if the book ends, maybe so will their relationship.
So, we have a little, erm, routine, I guess. For ten years of service. They gather everyone in the lunch room and there's a cake that Traci, the ever-suffering exec assistant always has to arrange at the last minute. And they give you a little gift out of the locked portion of the supply cabinet, and try their best to say nice things about you.
An occasional, if pointless, podcast about bread by a very disorganized (and somewhat stoned) Ryan, as a weird sort of thank you for 2,000 followers
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Do you ever have times when don’t want to be in charge?