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Missthiccbooty Audio Sex Stories 80

I’m sorry to bother you, but if you have a moment, could you please facefuck me? Script by u/Hoonikisuwo =============== On a university campus, a very polite and very sheltered-seeming young woman approaches a classmate and innocently asks to be facefucked by him, with no more serious of a tone than you might use when asking someone for directions. F-'Facefuck'? Where did a well-mannered girl like this even learn a term like that, anyway? Something tells me she's not from around here... Flustered and confused, not to mention having a sweet girl asking him ever so politely for something, he unthinkingly accepts. And so, they end up accidentally seducing each other...?
Opening Up to You Although this is a ‘friends to lovers’ story the distinct feature here is that it’s all about female pleasure. The focus is on bringing the woman to climax, not on giving a blowjob or the man blowing his load. The only penetration here is by fingers and it’s designed to bring the woman off, not to have the man explode.