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Moanelisa Audio Sex Stories 60

Synopsis: It’s an ordinary day. You’re at the grocery store to pick up some necessities. And there she is… This gorgeous curvy MILF with a big booty and some soft jiggly sweater stretchers. So, of course, you can’t help but peeping… But you’re not so smooth, are you… Because she notices you…and teaches you a lesson in decency!
Summary: You’ve recently bought a very sought-after young cowgirl at a livestock auction. She works hard, doesn’t complain, and produces more milk than any cowgirl you’ve ever known. However, considering the cost of your investment, you decide it’s time she makes even more milk. And you’ve got the perfect idea on how to accomplish this… Script by u/ViridianHelix
Synopsis You’ve had a long horrible day at work, you text your eccentric girlfriend. She’s had a rough day too. She replies “No worries my sweet sweet boy, Mommy will take care of you and your pee-pee when you get homie womies” you raise your eyebrow… Mommy? Did she just call my cock a peepee? The fuck is homie womies? You know with her quirky kinks your evening is about to be … erratically interesting to say the least. She's so weird and fucking sexy, your cock twitches and you start craving mommy… that touch… that care… that nurturing feel of just being taken care of… you NEED MOMMY! Mommy is the cure!
Your Uber driver just pulled up ... she's a fucking hot MILF who loves playing games with her new favorite clients. Cum on a wild ride with the Uber driver of your dreams. Written, Starring, and Produced by MoanElisa Tags Breeding Public Bj Sounds Mommy Jerk Off Doggie Style Loud Moaning Orgasm SFX Risky Daring MILF
Your Girlfriend calls you the Delivery Man was so sexy, she wants to fuck him so badly. She swears her pussy just craves him. She knows that she will feel something much deeper than you can ever give her. But she wants you to listen. Even better she is recording right when cums back from parking that big truck… Your Task, To be a good little cuck and DO NOT CUM!
Written & Produced by MoanElisa Mommy is ready to have some quality time with her good boy. She made up a fun little game to play. Can you win and edge until the end? Mmmmm Fuck! Love what you hear? Join the MoanElisa Patreon!
(3 of 3 in series) Synopsis: It’s a usual day. You’re at the gym doing your workout. And then suddenly this gorgeous thicc MILF with a big booty and a pair of soft jiggly sweater stretchers approaches you. You’ve met before.. You have a delicate history together..
Synopsis: Your Bossy Girlfriend is a bit moody today. So she decides to take it out on you. As always, she is packing her thick strap-on under her skirt, ready to put it to use. So she tells you to get in bed and spread your cheeks so she can make you her bitch Written by u/HighlyAdventurous
Your girlfriend has been researching a new kink... sneaking up behind you ... she may just show and tell you what it's allllll about. But be a good boy! Who's your fucking Mommy?
This is a (freestanding) sequel to a script released the other day about a gorgeous MILF teaching a peeping tom a lesson. This dope-ass Script was written by u/HighlyAdventurous Synopsis: It’s a usual day. You’re sitting on the bus on your way to school. And suddenly this gorgeous thicc MILF with a big booty and a pair of soft jiggly sweater stretchers steps onto the bus. And she recognizes you... You’ve met before... So she asks you to scooch over so she can have some fun with you.
Synopsis: It's set in a world where slutty stray catgirls roam the streets, occasionally suffering from uncontrollable arousal. The listener is a kitten who has been 'adopted' by a rather strict (but caring) owner, who takes it upon herself to tame her kitten, and to make her a well-trained fucktoy. this wonderful Script is written by u/highlyadventurous
Oh No !!! Your Balls are way too full, Mommy knows exactly how to get them down, and its just in time because she was just feeling horny and playing with her titties when you walked in with the full fucking balls of yours, I mean how could she resist a quick draining sesh with her good fucking boy? Mmmmm Fuck MoanElisa, Love My MommyDom Audios I have more !!! Draining Her Good Boy’s Balls [
In a strange world parallel to our own, all males are legally required to have a female Guardian when out in public. No exceptions! After being adopted by a woman who stumbled upon you one day, she has now brought you to the local mall. Her plan is to show you off, buy you some clothes, maybe spoil you in other ways. script by u/fluff-cunningham
Your dad is out of town for the weekend and your stepmom wants to show who is in charge of the house and who you must obey to live under her roof.
Why is my pussy hair so sexy to you? Why do you like going down on me so much? You like how my hairs glisten with my juices? How my aroma clings to them? Please tug on my hairs, pull me open & then fuck me hard Smear your cum on my nips Script Written by r/coreywest224

All Characters Are Depicted as 18+ Your Eccentric Girlfriend just go back from the grocery store and she's horny as fuck! Thinking about you being a good fucking boy for her, while she was shopping she saw three different pregnant women, They had the plumpest breast! Their bellies erect and their yoga pants so damn tight. One after another she began to crave to be pregnant. Walking through the Grocery Store, Craving your seed deep inside her pussy. Speeding home and rocking back and forth in the driver's seat just imagining sitting on your cock and holding that fucking seed inside her nice and deep. The desire just continued to build… she gets home, starts to put the groceries away, and realizes, she fucking forgot the bread, and then. Like My Mommy Audios?
[ All characters are depicted as 18+ Your Eccentric Girlfriend is ready for you to have another taste. Mommy wants to cuddle you cum lay in between her thick thighs. Mmmm you’ve been thinking alot about our last session haven't you sweetie? Mmmmhmmm.. You loved the taste of Mommies Cum so much, I know you just crave having that warm wet sweetness on your lips again don't you? Well, Cum here .. Mommy wants to cum really hard, multiple times, and have you taste our cum mixed up all together… mmmmm so fucking tasty! What a good fucking boy! MoanElisa