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Princessbitty Audio Sex Stories 38

Script / Description by u/MyNameMadeYouSmile Description: Your sister's best friend came to your room amd started talking to you. You don't know when and how, but soon she's almost on top of you, then she tells you that she knows about your anxiety and she wants to make you feel good. Note: I stumble my words a lot, sue me XP
Like clockwork, I am way past the time I should have been asleep. Meaning: Audio Porn. Description: You've noticed boxers that weren't yours laying around the bedroom floor, your darling bratty girlfriend is constantly checking her phone facing away from you. Is she cheating? No, she couldn't. She wouldn't. And yet...you place that recording device under your pillows before heading to work. After coming home in the evening you sit in a chair and listen to the entire thing. A few seconds later you watch your cheating girlfriend walk out the shower completely wet and naked. You're hurt, thinking about her tiny body being stretched out by some other man's big thick cock.. You need to have a talk, but first... maybe one more listen?
A bratty college girl lives in an apartment building next door to you, a married man, who also has a daughter just about her age.  You work at home, and she has seduced you previously—coaxing you to cheat on your wife while “accidentally” leaving her earring behind.  Now she’s back, and you try to resist her because your wife found her earring and suspects something.  You try to get her to leave, but she won’t.  Instead, she threatens to tell your wife everything if you don’t fuck her again.  Turns out she’s a bit of a psycho who gets off on making men cheat on their wives, and the more they hate her for it, the more she loves it.
[SYNOPSIS written by u/Princess_April: This is a sequel to Hate Fucking the Bratty Homewrecker. The brat is back! Despite that fact that you (the listener) changed the locks on your apartment door, the brat with whom you’ve had sexual relations multiple times (the speaker) is back to make you fuck her again. She is not happy with your attempts to avoid her, and she is perfectly content to mock you, tease you, and mind-fuck you in order to work you into a frenzy of hate for her. She wants you to hate her when you fuck her—and make no mistake. You WILL fuck her. Otherwise, she’s just gonna ruin your marriage. This time she steals a pair of your daughter’s panties and wears them as you fuck her throat and pussy in your daughter’s own bed. Finally, she makes you spray your cum all over her face, pretending she’s your daughter. There’s one way out of this. All you have to do let her have her way without complaint. If you didn’t let her get under your skin, she’d get bored and leave you alone. But you just can’t do it, can you? Poor bastard. _________________ TAGS: due to themes, but not directly
You can try having a "spontaneous" vacation with your wife in order to rekindle your marriage. But lets face it: #1. You can't get over that 19 yr old brat next door #2. She wouldn't let you forget about her if you tried #3. Your marriage is dead, might as well bury it. So grip onto your steering wheel pretending as if you don't have a raging hard on right next to your wife. Personal Note: It was 4 am when I made this, excuse the stumbling with my words.
I've been the family babysitter since high school. Shortly after graduating I began to see the cracks in your perfect family that I've been sitting for. Slowly I watched all the little problems that have been collecting between Mr (you) and Mrs S. shortly after starting my Sophomore year in college I decided to put my plan in motion. I decided to seduce Mr. S (you) after sitting for the kids on your own bed while Mrs. S was out. It was almost too easy after watching them for so long to plan, prep and execute my ideas. But now Mr. S has been avoiding me since our last encounter and altering his usual schedule. This makes further encounters with the hot nervous DILF complicated. Mrs. S has been suggesting the whole family should help with her numerous church and social functions and fundraisers. After a little adaptation I realize this could be the perfect opportunity to further my plans...
I know you were embarrassed when that guy in class blurted out that you were a virgin. I understand you might think that girls will be turned off by that, but I'm here to tell you that's quite the opposite...
Dear GWA: It's NOT stalking. I'm in love. WE are in love. We haven't had a deep conversation but trust me, I know. By the looks of his shopping cart he's not much of a cook but I am! And is it my fault that he's shy? No! So I HAVE to find his address to get to know his day to day life better. This is love. This is not stalking. This is love. -personal note- this is an improv ramblefap
Well, not exactly an advertisement for my services, but it's still something I equally enjoy making. An audio. It's my first and I'll definitely be re-doing this later on in the week but for now, enjoy. Like always, if you would like to contact me and discuss a findom arrangement contact me through- Kik: princessittybitty Or Twitter: @princess_bitty Audio's Description: The 19 year old next door neighbor forgot her jacket inside your house. What's the harm in letting her inside?
Everytime I see that little chat notification saying you're online and you ask if I want to voice chat... I feel so happy and I get so many butterflies in my stomach. And now that I'm so close to you it feels like my heart is going to burst... For as much as I love to be your guildie and your friend... I want us to be more. ••• After all of this rambling, I guess I need to ask the question. Do you want to be the Malfurion to my Tyrande? ••• Script By: u/angel_main •••
I can't touch myself because Im stuck in a public parking lot, but jesus christ I'm desperate to get fucked right now.
[SYNOPSIS: You, (the listener) are the unwitting client of a pro‐findom (the speaker). She doesn’t look the part, she’s tiny, she’s cute, but when she wants to turn it up, her brat energy is through the roof. Unfortunately, you don’t have a very lucrative job yourself, but your wife makes a lot of money. Up to now you’ve paid for the gifts you give to the speaker with your own money, but she’s demanding more, especially now that it’s clear you’re so addicted to her. You haven’t seen her in a while, but you’re desperate, so you show up at her door with a new dress and shoes for her to try on. She coaxes you to send her a tribute from your wife’s bank account in order to let you in the door. From there, she knows she’s got you. She teases you into paying her to lick her pussy and get her off, and before the end you are kneeling on her floor, desperate to pay your cum tax so you can cum while looking at her. Horny guys are so stupid… Warning: This is a story of some pretty intense findom and cheating in more ways than one. It explores exactly what makes the kink so irresistible to some, but in a very dark and relentless way. I’m not sure I would not recommend this type of extreme implementation of the kink in real life, but I’m also not saying it’s not extremely plausible… To some people, this will be very scary, so tread carefully.]________________________sCRIPT WRITTEN BY PRINCESS APRIL_____________TAGS: F4M, fdom, findom, brat, petite speaker, older listener, cheating, cunnilingus, masturbation, cum eating, cuckold, cum tax, degradation