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Ruthieren Audio Sex Stories 366

You *do* realize the situation right? You've been kidnapped by me. A dragon. I'm a dragon. See the wings? And tail? And claws? ...it's ok to stare in awe and stuff. Maybe scream a bit. Written by: Orpheus_the_Traveler Edited by: Kilbeggan32 {both of Reddit} Additional tags:
You're back from college and ran into the MILF next door who has possibly been a fantasy since you were old enough to know what that is... she's come to you asking for help to fulfill one of her biggest dreams... will you grant her wish? Written by u/angel_main & Edited by u/Kilbeggan32 both of Reddit <3
A fun performance, enjoy!! Scene: Two friends meeting up after being apart at university for eight months. Over their time apart the tomboy has had a bit of a growth spurt, to say the least. She is worried that she looks so different from the last time she saw him and feels conflicted about their friendship. Her body has filled out in all the right places and she is afraid her best friend will judge her. It turns out, he doesn’t mind at all. Writer: u/DPP_NewFrost Editor: u/Kilbeggan32
In this little off the cuff piece, I play a girl who is ready to make her move... She has watched you for some time. You've seen her, thought she was cute enough and kind, have been friendly to her... but things just never fell into place for the two of you to get together. Late night, there's a party and after one too many drinks, you slide off to bed -- she notices. It's not long before she slinks off to join you... or maybe its all just a dream...
My dragon daughter, u/garden_slumber of Reddit, is taking fooooorever to lose her dragon virginity; So me being the loving, dragon MAMA I am, took matters into my own hands and snatched up a cute boy with a meaty cock and am going to tell her whats what! She must love her v-card and start making them dragon babies!! <3 Additional tags: AND some SFX/Edits by u/Kilbeggan32 of Reddit
Now Pride, well she will not lay down for you easy, but oh what a pretty prize she might make... Interested in taming her? Or shall we move on?