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Sabinewintersaudio Audio Sex Stories 97

"Your professor keeps you after class to discuss your constant texting during lecture... when she confiscates your phone she see's what's been so distracting... her." Script by u/MyDirtySecr3t
I'm Your Mommy Now! You're a little nervous taking me to meet your mom for Mother's Day brunch. You're always so hard when you're with me. You even came extra last night but you're hard again this morning. So we better take care of you before we go so you can be a good boy at brunch.
F4F] Such a good girl for me, Little One but is actually very Listener (Sub) attempts to surprise her Dom, by kneeling naked in their playroom. Only, she falls asleep before her Dom can get home. Her Dom arrives home to find Listener asleep, needy, and worried that she had disappointed her Dom. What ensues is lots of sweet praise, reassurance, dirty talk, an orgasm, and some aftercare.