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Saltea Audio Sex Stories 16

Summary: Narrator comes home to find his girlfriend, Listener, in a revealing outfit that's hard to ignore. Listener, knowing exactly what her outfit does to Narrator, offers to let Narrator take a closer look at her outfit. How could a good boy like Narrator resist such a nice offer? And after Listener offers to let him take off her clothes and touch her... Good boys get rewards. Super sexy script was written by u/softlikestatic TAGS: ["Good Boy" hope you enjoy!
/ combo Summary: Listener is having a movie night with their friend, Narrator, and the movie Listener has chosen is particularly risque. Narrator points this out, and points out that Listener is getting turned on by the movie. Narrator lets Listener know that Narrator knows their 'dirty little secret' about their movie nights, and then decides to help Listener out with this 'secret.' Script done by u/softlikestatic <3 hope you enjoy -S
Specifically Heavy On The And Some Somewhat Fairly Summary: Listener just wants to grope their boyfriend's cock through his grey sweatpants until he whimpers and cums in the cutest, most deliciously pathetic way. This sexy script was written by u/softlikestatic Hope you enjoy -S
Summary: It's a new day, a new morning to make breakfast for your girl... things get a bit out of hand when she gets all touchy around you. This script was borrowed kindly by u/sugar honeyjune on reddit. Here is the link! https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/nv4b26/m4fscript_offer_starting_our_day_right_morning/ have a nice day!
synopsis: the coworker you’ve been fucking on and off for weeks is back at your door, late at night, desperate but reticent to admit it. when she loses control and gets too sensitive to continue during sex, you decide that if she wants to earn your cum, she’ll need to learn a thing or two about what real overstimulation feels like. Script by u/taliya12 on reddit! names used: slut, whore, cunt, princess, baby, sweetheart physical descriptors used: listener character has her hair up in a ponytail and is wearing a dress hope you enjoy -S
SCRTIPT WAS WRITTEN BY U/u/ursmutlibrarian on reddit Tags: Listener Summary: After two years of being no contact with your ex, you wind up at a surprise engagement party back home for a mutual friend. Avoiding him won’t work, so you agree to give him 5 minutes of your time to clear the air. You wind up on the other side of the house – alone, with the only man who’s ever made you cum so hard you see stars. What's the worst that could happen? Nicknames Used: Pretty Girl, Bunny, Baby, Good Girl Hope you enjoy! -S
ummary Now having been together for a few months, Narrator and Listener are a happy couple. One night, when attending a pool party, Listener decides that they want to get frisky with their adorably submissive boyfriend. AFter teasing him by the pool, where anyone could see them, Listener takes the opportunity to take Narrator to a private room and ride him until they're both satisfied. This is the last part of the Submissive Himbo Series. I wanna thank u/softlikestatic on reddit for letting me fill her series (you are amazing static i love your work so much and i hope i get to fill more of your scripts <3) Hope you enjoy!
Summary: What happens when a stranger bumps into you at a crowded bar on New Year’s? You end up with your dress pushed to your hips and being introduced to a new meaning of the word “countdown”. this script was kindly borrowed by u/qmalice on reddit! Here is their script :https://www.reddit.com/r/GWASapphic/comments/18len2s/a4f_counting_you_down_to_new_yearsscript/ have a nice day!