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Sirfrancis_themighty Audio Sex Stories 38

Hey everyone! Sorry for the giant delay on this one, but I'm here with an amazing script and start to a series by u/brownhairedgirlll This script was an absolute joy to come back to recording with and I hope you all enjoy it, and maybe I'll record the rest of the series too!
Hello everyone! Back once more with a very lovely script by the wonderfully talented u/sloth215! If you get the chance go check them out and show them some love! I hope you all enjoy as much as I enjoyed recording.


Hello everyone! Finally back with an amazing script by the absolutely wonderful an talented u/KuroChairoNeko I had a lot of fun recording this one so I hope you all enjoy listening just as much :)
Hey everyone! I'm here with a very cute and calming script by the amazing writer u/ghostandliam. This script was really fun to record so I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it :) Sorry that this one took so long to be released, just a couple issues I have going on in my life but they should all be sorted out now.
Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm back with an absolutely astounding script by the always amazing u/broken_galaxy ! So really you should all go show them some love because all of their work is just absolutely fantastic! I hope you all enjoy my take on this script, and that you love it just as much as I do :)
Hello everyone! Back again with a wonderful script by u/BonSoirAnxiety Who has created some absolutely wonderful scripts and some audios as well! So go check them out if you get a chance and show them some love. Sorry for the delay on this release, a power outage along with a few medical issues pushed this one back but I'm hopefully back on track! I hope you all enjoy listening as much as I loved recording it :)
playing Hello everyone! Here with a wonderful script that caught me off guard with how corny and amazing it is by both u/bettylaflame and u/totallynotnatalie both are absolutely fantastic writers and you should go and enjoy their work when you get the chance! But I hope you all enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed recording it, especially because my dice came in handy too :) Enjoy!
Back with a lovely script by the equally as lovely u/GeekySexy! It's been some time since I've recorded so it was very fun to get back and record this one. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed recording it!
Hello everyone! I'm here with my first SFW script fill! This script is by the wonderful u/HollowSkeletons who has made some truly amazing content that you should all go and enjoy and shower them with love! But I hope you all enjoy my first SFW audio just as much a I did recording it :)