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Slovenly_southern Audio Sex Stories 47

Description: Your Big Brother is snooping around on your computer, and you catch him looking at your hidden porn collection. He only laughs and smiles as you try to explain it away, and you quickly learn that your Big Brother might not be as vanilla as you thought... Enjoy this filthy audio where you get to drop to your knees and worship him, before having him throw you around like the good boy you are.
Last night, my partner was on absolute fuggin' demon time, and I was loving every MINUTE of it. I had brought up to him before that we had got some comments saying we should fuck and post it, but I wasn't expecting him to tell me its okay to pull out my phone and start recording while he abused my hole. So enjoy this recording of him doing just that, while I moan, whimper, ride, bounce, and scream for him to blow in me.
You've been hunting a particular piece of ass— I mean, meat, for a while now, but he always seems to slip out of your grasp. He's a slippery little fucking trickster is what he is, always one step ahead. Well, he's not now. He failed to realize humans have some tricks too. Don't you just love it when your prey begs?
You're riding the train to go meet up with your boyfriend after a long time apart. You two lovebirds definitely have something spicy in mind to make up for all that lost time. You're wearing nothing but his oversized t-shirt and sneakers, ready to get up to some dirty deeds when you arrive. One small tumble when the train brakes leads to a creepy stranger venting all of his pent up frustration on your ass... while you pray no one sees. No need to worry. He's just gonna... get you ready. It's all your fault anyway.
Ugggggh~! God, your bestie knows how to lay it on thick, huh? Always taunting you with his new long distance girlfriend. Even talking about her while you're sitting right next to him, practically aching for him. No matter. What he doesn't know is, while you're supposed to be driving the two of you out to your yearly friendly cabin retreat, you've got a stop planned along the way. Somewhere deep in the woods, where you can finally get your hands on what's yours. A spot not even his "girlfriend" will be able to save him from you.
This is the second part of a live recording of intimacy with my partner! If you would like to hear the first part, where I get my mouth used like a rented onahole, you can click here: (https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/yp1kz6/mm4a_hey_wanna_hear_me_get_facefucked_like/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) In this audio, my partner opens me up with some rimming, then spanks my cock, ass, and tits — he even pinches my nipples, chokes me and marks up my neck. All this while kissing and stroking me up into a whimpering, blubbering fucking mess! ...Making me empty my balls over every nearby surface. (like, I came an unhealthy amount.)