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Softkazu Audio Sex Stories 62

Hii I'm here with another audio! It's been awhile since i've done some msub stuff and I enjoy whimpering so hopefully you enjoy hearing me do so heh Also please ignore my awful morning voice Summary: You surprise your BFWB by waiting for him in his apartment then lead him into a little bit of fun in the bedroom as a little gift and make him see how much he's missed out not being a submissive guy ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+
Hiii this is my first time posting here with a new audio I'm really proud of this one I put a lot of work into it so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for the support I've been really busy with holiday stuff and there's a huge storm where I'm at so I've been so scatter brained. Summary: A nervous monster hunter takes on a contract to slay you (a vampire) you spot him in the village at night and can tell he's new sure you've dealt with a bunch of monster hunters before but you can't help but feel diffrent about him a feeling rushes over your body a feeling you haven't felt in a long time is it lust? is it love? There's only one way to find out..
Script made the amazing u/Defiled_Virgin another more darker script it was a really good script and normally I'm more leaning towards the more soft cutesy scripts but man this one is really good but filling it made me feel like an evil bastard because of what the guy I voiced did but yeah I hope you enjoy and obviously this isn't for everyone and I don't condone this type of activity irl and everyone in the script is 18+
Hii back with another improv i've been having a lot of fun with these and you all seemed to like the last one so I figured I would treat you all with another one I really appreciate the support on the last one especially since it was uploaded at like 2 am my time but yeah I hope you enjoy it <3 Summary: You've and your boyfriend have been together for awhile but never had sex together you both being virgins you wanted to make sure it was the right time and not rush into it Sure you've fooled around but neither took it to the next step but tonight is the night you both share that something special <3
Hiii this script was made by the wonderful u/capy_kaiju I'm back with another script fill this one was really fun to do and it was one of the longest audios i've done in awhile so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did filling it!! Summary: Your far more outgoing and, in this instance, confrontational roommate finally demands you pay him back every cent you've borrowed from him. Unfortunately he decides to bring it up right when you're very invested in the game you're playing, and you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind to get him out of your way.