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Swearnotbythemoon Audio Sex Stories 92

Additional Tags: It's the week of Valentine's day, and all throughout the week, you've been getting little love letters and small gifts in your locker. You were excited and happy that someone actually seemed to like you. But you hear from one of your friends that they saw the school's head cheerleader slipping the gifts into your locker. Thinking it's all been a cruel joke, you confront the girl in the hall. She then pulls you into the janitors closet, explaining the truth of why she's been doing it.
There’s a guy and a girl. They’re friends. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. He went to France to fight the Hun. Finally back, the girl he finds is not the same. Death beat him home. Her family gone, she’s waited every day for this moment, seen it in her mind’s eye, the eye that watched him in the trenches. And she knows. She knows he’s the only one that can bring life back to this dead place. And he will. One way or another.
You looked through your boyfriend's internet history, and it looks like he's been craving a "hardcore reverse gangbang". Well, you're in lockdown, so unfortunately you can't fully bring that dream to life, but you can do the next best thing. Enter your three friends, who are more than ready and willing to dominate and degrade your sweet little boyfriend. He has no idea what he's in for. Featuring yours truly, @/geministarsigns1, Forney2591, and Jaye Wilde. Edited by Jaye Wilde.
Additional Tags: The aspirant comes to the Trial of Cancer, but comes to learn, rather than fight. Slowly they speak of her conflicts and concerns, and she grows to trust him. He asks not for the tablet, but wishes to leave her in peace. She wishes to offer her tablet to him in trust, and he wishes to stay longer to nurture their connection.
Additional Tags: TW: Mentions of You are the listener’s significant other who had passed away some time ago from a car crash. Tonight, the listener has performed an incantation to bring you back. Although, it’s not the same you as you once were when you were alive. Much more provocative and aggressive.
Additional Tags: A man enters the haunted house upon the hill on a dare, and the residing ghost has gone long enough without getting off. While frightened, he does not run like all the others. She decides to reward his bravery with a pleasurable experience, and ends up wanting more and more...