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Thehypnomistress Audio Sex Stories 11

A fun short masturbation games in which Mia challanges you not to cum. Will you be able to succeed? or will Mia beat you in this game?
This is a powerful hypnotic primer that will temporarily wipe your mind clean of all resistance and all memories. All that will be left is a pure, virgin mind that is so blank and so clean, that giving in to your mistress’ will would be a given, and the suggestions she would offer your mind would be the only thing you ever knew.
A simple, classic hypnosis session for those who are ready to embark on a safe, gentle journey into submission. This file does not require any previous experience trancing and is perfect for both beginners and those looking for a fun, straightforward masturbation file.
Erotic Story by Mia Croft
Are you ready for another visit to Ysabelle’s Love Palace? A collaboration between user/hypnomistressMia and user/SweetCarolineKisses. Script by user/uniqueoneguy
Every man enjoys a bit of eye candy. Us beautiful women are all around you, and you admire, worship, and lust for our bodies every day. Allow me to paint erotic pictures of sexy women in your mind.. and just imagine that perfect lady right before you, teasing you, and controlling you, as you stroke your cock to climax.
This short file is a safe and nurturing session with influences of both hypnosis and mindfulness/meditation. The idea is to free your body and mind from all sensations and thoughts, and purely focus on the present. When you are unthinking, without emotions, without physical sensations, you become a blank slate. Focusing on the here and now will enable you to let go of negativity, and rebuild yourself in a new, positive light.
A Short Teaser for Mia's upcoming New Year's Eve Party