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Asmrdotwav Audio Sex Stories 17

You're gonna make me ......gum I had to post this blooper because it almost killed me with laughter lmfao

This is an audio for a lovely couple! <3 It features an asexual wife who is still more than happy to tease and please her husband. She dresses up in a very special outfit -- panties, stilettos, and pasties. This excites him to no end and he just can't help himself! There IS mention of the wife saying no and telling her husband to stop, but this is just meant to excite him further. There is a pause in the audio to reassure the listener that this is the case and that if she's really hurting, that she promises to use the safe word. Thank you again so much! :D
I messed up on my first verification post, so this is an updated one with my username spelled out. Thank you for understanding and for the warm welcome. I'm very excited to be a part of the community!!
Hey everyone, this is a quick verification post for GoneWildAudio. Date is 05-17-2022. I'm a female in my early 30s looking to contribute to a subreddit that I've very much enjoyed listening to for a while now. I'm mainly planning on posting F4M, but am also interested in F4F and F4NB. I'm open minded to any and all requests so please let me know what you're interested in. Thank you for giving this a listen. I'm looking forward to contributing! <3