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Atrazinepearlasmr Audio Sex Stories 21

!!! NOTE: This final includes memory play and a longer-lasting suggestion to be aroused until the listener uses a specific trigger to disable the suggestion !!! My cute little Hypno Slut, so blank and obedient. In this file, I bring you down into trance with a "pretending" approach, doing some basic suggestions to imagine yourself falling into and out of trance, before tying you up and making you realize how much control I have over you. I make you especially horny, aroused, and blank as I tease you both in and out of trance, then end the file with a warm and honest aftercare segment telling you how much I appreciate you while still leaving you an especially horny mess. Triggers Used: Dro/p (Fall into trance), Wak/e u/p (Return out of trance), Blan/k (Clear your mind and become confused), Hypn/o-Slu/t (Become aroused and suggestible) Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
!!!Disclaimer: After moving my audio environment is a little more echoy, additionally I had to reset my preferences and noticed some weird drops in volume. Tried to fix this with some editing but it does lead to a side effect of lower audio quality.!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of hypnosis! This is a file intended for people who are newer to hypnosis. In this file I go through what to expect before then dropping you with a PMR inductions leading to bondage with paralysis. After this, I install a pleasure trigger which increases arousal and makes you squirm, moan, and/or groan. Triggers I install and use in this trigger include Drop (fall into trance) and Brr (Pleasure). Note: I might try doing a similar (higher quality) recording in the very near future (potentially my next file) Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
!!!It is recommended to start this session clothed!!! What's better than being fucking in the Ass by a beautiful Hypnotist? In this file I subtly bring you into trance using a narrative and visual induction, intensifying your trance the more you become immersed, before having you get on your hands and knees while I fuck your ass hard, eventually allowing you to have an abeit degrading orgasm. Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
!!!This file has no mentioned pronouns, just genitalia, so technically F4A if you have a dick!!! For all my lovely trans-fems <3, this is a file I really wanted to do with my new mic and improved audio quality! In this file I have you go down with a visual narrative induction, imagining your room, a partner, and a special colored potion. Once you drink the file you find your dick has been swapped for a vagina and then you and your partner gets up to whatever positions you desire. This file does not include any notably lasting suggestions. Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
!!!WARNING WARNING!!! This file includes association play and amnesia play with post-hypnotic suggestions to desire obedience and trance. !!!WARNING WARNING!!! Start this file clothed, you'll have a chance to strip during the file <3 In this file I bring you down quickly and lightly, seeding in the blank trigger before progressively bringing you down deeper, spiraling deeper and deeper into obedience and amnesia. Check out my other content here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
This is my first file recorded in my new mic, with better audio and snaps this will be sure to bring you into a world of pleasure. In this file I have you lie down (on the floor if possible) and imagine a scene involving bondage, a magic circle, and a beautiful yet sadistic succubus who is interested in using you as her little plaything. Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
vvv !!WARNING!! vvv This file includes suggestions to associate pleasure and arousal with falling in trance and to forget what happened while in trance. ^^^ !!Warning!! ^^^ In this file I have you focus on a file of your choosing, specifically, I recommend the one below before I then bring you down and have you focus on the spiral, falling deeper and deeper making your mind blank and thoughtless while I make you more aroused and stimulated, counting down slowly, until I get you near orgasm at 0, and bring you out of trance, associating the arousal that you felt with being in trance. Suggested Spiral: https://www.deviantart.com/demonicclone/art/Golden-Spiral-Pink-Hypnosis-Swirl-617099526
!!!Start With Clothes!!! I've been learning a little bit of programming lately, maybe I could use those skills on your brain a little bit. I start this file with a little bit of a longer intro, talking to you the viewer just about things. Then I bring you down having you focus on me coding into your brain, with every little click of the keyboard bringing you deeper. Triggers and Suggestions in this file are very "Program-like". I install the "Android Mode" Trigger into your mind, a trigger that can be turned on/off to make you obedient, and speak properly to me. Afterward, we test your new trigger, having you move around, get in position, touch yourself for me, and moan. Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
This file came out a little less than expected but I still wanted to share it with ya'll. In this short file I install a new trigger while I narrate cuddling you. This trigger allows you to feel my pleasure through my moans and allows you to hypnotically enjoy my own masturbation. You can only orgasm if you can reach the edge before I do. Triggers Used: "Drop" (Fall into trance), "Wake Up" (Return from trance), *Moans* (Feel my pleasure) Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
What's better than a Succubus, Tentacles, and Hypnosis? Not much. In this file I gently introduce you to fractionation and have you play along, immersing you into trance as I bring you down each level, before installing a trigger that lets me control your arousal with tentacles. After getting you close to the edge a few times and fucking you personally and myself I wake you up gently. Check out my other content and discord here: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
Lesbihonest you're hella gay. This beginner file focuses on blanking your mind and turning your thoughts into a restraining string before slowly filling your mind with arousal and gay fantasies, getting you to an HFO by the end of the file, and then bringing you awake gently. My Linktree: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL CLASS, JUST ROLEPLAY In this file I roleplay your hypnotist professor using you as an example for my class on the subject of Erotic Hypnosis. Warning this file will make you make a lot of noise and in testing has a much stronger deepener, potentially causing post-hypnotic amnesisa In this file I implement the dial and snaps, using lots of praise, a hint of degradation, and making you make a lot of noise as I slowly bring you up to the edge, before the edging you with short breaks for several minutes before eventually granting an HFO.
This file focuses on the subject's imagination, having them by the end of the file see and feel a good few things and experience pleasure from what they can feel. This file includes an HFO.
This is a beginner-friendly Erotic Hypnosis file for all gender audiences with a visualization focus where your Succubus Enchantress wraps you in her tail and fucks you in so many ways at once. HFO included!
This is a nice pretty SFW hypnosis file to help you fall asleep, using a pretty relaxing PMR induction to install the "Drop" Trigger with plenty of praise, before then helping you relax and finally ending the file by installing a "Sleep" trigger to help you fall asleep. My Content: https://linktr.ee/atrazinepearl My Discord (NSFW): https://discord.gg/tQwDTwrHB6
This file involves making the subject more submissive and feel more pleasure from being submissive.
A file for transgender women which includes genitalia swapping and an HFO, and some roleplay!
A hypnotic reward-focused audio with an HFO at the end. This file includes no reference to genitalia but has 1 reference to gender (female). A no-gender reference file is planned soon to cut out the single gender reference.