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Auralgigolo Audio Sex Stories 50

I am thousands of years old, I predate the human race and have drunk of dreams for as long as they've been. Humans are so fun. So young. So little. Such lovely brains to torture. Lie down in your bed, relax, there's nothing in your closet waiting for you. Now just drift off to sleep. This sinful script was written by u/DreadSpace Upon entering the bedroom, the Boogeyman first checked the ID of the pretty sleeping lady to make sure she was over 18, and she was. Happy days!
I recorded this audio way back when the script was originally released. Unfortunately, I never got around to editing it until now, but we've all got a bit more time now right? By my math, that's around 2.5 years of digital dust. Ayy. Script by u/belle_in_the_woods , can't find it to link.