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Bemygirl Audio Sex Stories 11

Summary: You and your boyfriend are having a heated argument and he leaves to go cool off in his study. However, you feel bad and go in wanting to apologize to him. You don’t know how to, so instead you try to seduce him and make up for the argument that way. He denies you, but it’s difficult for him to keep that fasade up. When he finally gives in to your seduction, he fucks you roughly like you deserve for pissing him off. script by Mean_bitch
Your boyfriend has been concerned about you because of the long and stressful amount of work you’ve been doing lately. He sees how consuming and tiring it is for you. He wants to help you relax but you can’t keep your mind off of it. So he decides to take things in his own hands and force you to take a well deserved break, because he won’t allow anything to interfere with your well being... script by /u/HorcruxesLadyHunter
Your classmate claimed you as his partner for a pair project since you missed class . The two of you are supposed to be studying together, but he can't help but notice you getting a little ...worked up while staring at his hands. So he decides to use that weakness against you... Script by /u/niceonegun
You’re just grabbing your keys from the break room when you hear your coworker, who you happen to have feelings for and have been flirting with the past few weeks, crying. You comfort her when she confides in you that another coworker has been harassing her. What will happen when your feelings for her become abundantly clear? script by /u/valeia234
At the ungodly hours of 3 am, you suddenly had the random urge to microwave your roommates batteries. Luckily, before you could continue with whatever the fuck you were doing, he catches you and fucks your braincells back into your brain. Here's to hoping his dicking works on you Script by jamburat4000
You’ve spotted a man across the room while you’re hitting up your favorite speakeasy bar… you find yourself attracted to him, to the way he laughs and leans against the counter. You can’t find it in you to bother him with conversation if he wasn’t interested, so instead you found out his favorite drink and would buy it anonymously for him whenever you saw him. It doesn’t take long for him to figure you out, however, and he takes initiative by sitting next to you one night. You soon come to find out what acts of kindness truly bring, and what kind of man this mysterious stranger really was. script by /u/AudiebleAlt
Summary: You’re a regular at your university library, back yet again cramming research for an extensive final paper. You’re stressed and exhausted, and at this point, your only solace is the cute librarian you get to chat up every visit. After he catches you asleep face-first in a book yet again, you decide there’s only one way you can properly get your focus back on writing. script by /u/roxylafoxy
You're a shy girl. One day you decided to take some pictures from your crushes IG and turn them into a fan edit.... Which you then posted online. The only problem? He found out it was YOU that made it, and decides to approach you at a party to ask you WTF. What happens next? You'll have to listen to find out