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Chooseyourfate Audio Sex Stories 203

Summary: You and your flatmate aren’t particularly close, he’s quiet and barely strikes up a conversation. One week you catch him in your room a staggering three times. It’s clearly not a coincidence. It’s almost like he wanted you to catch him…Maybe the creep got off on you telling him off… Poor thing must have been desperate, why not make him your personal fucktoy for the night? This wonderful script was written by u/ghostywrites. I had so much fun getting to embrace my inner nervous subby side with this script so thank you so much for writing it! I'm Fate you can find me at r/chooseyourfateaudio and u/chooseyourfateaudio. There you can find all the different ways to interact message and support me in any way you see fit miss. Message from Fate to you (The listener): Sometimes we push through things that are hard because we know that we will be better for it and I want you to know I'm proud of you for pushing and proud of you for making it through. If you're not through yet I want you to know I'm proud of you too because that means everyday there's a struggle but everyday you wake up and you try your best. Even if your best doesn't always feel good enough for you I want you to know it is good enough! You are good enough! You've got this! Thank you so much for listening and interacting I love you so much! Have a great one! Bye I'm Fate.
James, a tall and handsome widowed DILF, on the edge of becoming a silver fox, asks his petite 18-year-old neighbor to come over to babysit, as she's done many times before. He has been secretly lusting after her and after her recent birthday he can no longer ignore his feelings. The babysitting request is a ruse and after he gives the girl a sensual gift for her recent birthday, it becomes clear she wants exactly the same thing he does... All writing credit goes to u/wouterasmr over on reddit find me and all my content at r/chooseyourfateaudio there you can find links to support me
Emotions are running high after an explosive row. Will a moonlit fuck in a public garden restore your faith? Trigger Warning: This script depicts an erotic scene within the context of an abusive relationship. Previous violence is subtly implied but not shown. Previous infidelity is implied. An argument and making up are depicted. The sex featured is entirely consensual. This script also contains religious themes, including imagery and commentary that some may find sacrilegious or offensive. If the thought of someone paraphrasing the Shema Yisrael during a sex scene offends you; it’s probably best to give this one a swerve. Background: Your husband returns home from a party you both attended. You left early, driving the car home because he was talking to another woman and didn’t seem to notice you were there any more. When he found out you had left him, he had to walk home in the rain. When he arrives back, having brooded all the way home, he is furious. All writing credit goes to the amazing and dark u/DaliaFolia on reddit they are amazing please check them out I am blown away every time I read a script she writes. find me at r/chooseyourfateaudio to find all ways to support and interact with me :) Have a wonderful Day/Night/whenever and where ever you may be know that you are safe with me here listening. No judgement just honest consensual deviance. Be safe and go for your dreams I believe in you!
Your tiny boyfriend is settling into being your little house bun, cleaning and cooking while you’re away at work, but eight hours is a long time! The cute little shit is hugging your leg the second you get him. Wanna show him some tender love and care? all credit goes to the talented and twisted u/logosomancer over on reddit I had such a blast with this one thank you for writing it I love going to places i've never been and this took me there I hope it translates! you can find me over at r/chooseyourfateaudio from there you can follow me and i will send a personal thank you message because you really just mean that much to me! you can find all ways to support me there! I hope you all have a great one and remember that I believe in you and know you can do this! truly you will get through this day or night you can make it through! now come listen to me tell you a story come choose your fate!
Summary: While on vacation, you accidentally send your nudes to your step brother. And, as all porn step brothers tend to do, he takes full advantage of the situation. This fabulously fun script was written by u/tacoboutthat I had so much fun getting to play this deeply fucked up character. I'm Fate you can find me over at r/chooseyourfateaudio and u/chooseyourfateaudio from there you can find all the different ways to support me and interact with me. Message from Fate to you (the listener): I hope that whatever it is you dream of attaining in this little time we all have. You deserve it and I know the struggle to get there can be real. I hope that you find a safe space to let go and relax and I hope that I can be that safe space for you. Now sit back relax or not do whatever you want but come get away from it all for a few minutes with me. Have a great one! Bye I'm Fate
You go to your bestie's place for a sleepover. You two are having a really fun time talking about boys and other interesting things you know... girl talk? After a while, your best friend falls asleep but you don't. You go downstairs to drink some water and there you find her brother and start a small talk. And thennnn the small talk leads to something more this amazing script was written by u/thegirlnextdoor go check them out for more amazing content! remember to follow me at u/ and r/ chooseyourfateaudio to find all sorts of ways to support me and make this dream a reality! you all make this dream a reality every time you listen I appreciate you so much. Have a wonderful one wherever or whenever you might be! remember you can do this I believe in you nobody else can get you down!
Other tags: Pet names/Degrading named used: Sweetie, Sweetheart, Honey, *Puppy, *Sick Puppy, Bitch, Slut. (*puppy is used as a pet name/degrading term but NO pet play is really involved.) No specific descriptors used for the Listener. They have “pretty eyes, hair, and body” and a “pretty voice.” Synopsis: Speaker comes down to Listener’s ‘room’ to have a little chat with them after hearing them over the cameras the night before… This wonderfully dark psychotic script was written by u/itherik on reddit. I'm a fan of your scripts and the dark twists they take I had a lot of fun trying to embrace the psychosis within this character. (I swear I'm in therapy and not psychotic...) I'm Fate you can find me r/chooseyourfateaudio and u/chooseyourfateaudio there you can upvote, comment, message me as well as multiple other ways you can support me. Messaged from Fate to you(the listener): sometimes life doesn't give us aftercare sometimes we just have to pick ourselves up and keep going through the pain. If you are stuck in your own "basement" in life then I suggest you fight. Life wants to beat you down to make you feel like you have no strength left. Keep fighting keep pushing show life you won't take anymore of it's abuse. Have a great one Bye I'm Fate
After being kidnapped by three monster men, you finally get your chance to escape. Unfortunately one of them just so happens to be an excellent hunter who will do anything to find his mate. all credit goes to the wonderful monster writer u/tacoboutthat over on reddit you can find some amazing content over there check them out you can find me and all ways to support me over at r/chooseyourfateaudio I really love and appreciate each and every one of you who listens thank you so much for all of your amazing feedback. I hope you have a wonderful day, evening, morning, night wherever whenever you are I believe in you, I know you can get through this and I hope you all can find escape and pleasure from my work goodbye and thank you again! i'll see you all tomorrow with more content!
Your daughter's boyfriend comes over to visit while she's out of town. He knows why you hate him - he reminds you of your abusive ex, and you're sure he's going to break your daughter. He offers you an alternative: he can break you instead. Tag note: Many other abuses that speaker intends to commit on listener are mentioned, including being forced to have sex with other men, bukkake, cutting, burning, electricity, piss, being shared at a party, and being forced to hold in cum in public with a vibrating butt plug. This script was written by the awesome u/quentinxrandom over on reddit I strongly urge you to go check out his work it is fantastic and I have several more of his scripts in my save list I'm definitely a fan! I had a blast playing this villainous guy in this audio it was so much fun to record and even edit (which is the part I hate usually). Find me over at u/chooseyourfateaudio and r/chooseyourfateaudio there you can find all the different ways to support me either by following upvoting or if you're interested I do have a patreon which helps more than I can ever express through words. Thank you so much for listening and remember to stay safe and anything you're going through right now won't last forever things will be ok just be kind to yourself and take care! Have a great one! Bye I'm Fate
Summary: He (Speaker) was just supposed to watch you (Listener), but when he looks through your browser history to check for dangerous activity, he likes what he sees. You're too beautiful to be left alone. After a drunken night on the town, you wake up in your own bed...but, you don't remember getting home, and a man who knows all your darkest secrets is in the room with you. This wonderful script was written by the fabulous u/EvaMuffinPie I came across this the other day and saved it immediately knowing I couldn't stay away truly a fantastic script! I'm Fate find me and my content over at u/chooseyourfateaudio or r/chooseyourfateaudio I appreciate all of your support and listens more than I can possibly put into words! Thanks so much for listening you mean the world to me as someone who clicks on my work so thank you whether or not you enjoyed it thank you for giving me a shot! Bye I'm Fate
Premise: Six months after a vicious attack, the listener is still recovering in therapy with a renowned trauma specialist. He's the doctor known for getting results. He knows what he's doing. That's the problem. This amazing dark fucked up piece of art is written by u/peachofdebauchery over on reddit please go check them out! I had a lot of fun entering this dark characters mind and hope you enjoy stepping into the listeners shoes. Find me over at u/chooseyourfateaudio and r/chooseyourfateaudio for more content as well as to upvote follow interact and support me in all different ways! Have a great one be safe! I'm here to give you a safe space to go to dark places like this one here remember that and don't let yourself get taken to a dark place it will be ok I promise but for real do enter with caution on this one
A cutie you were flirting with is way too young for you. Now, to get her hooked... All credit for writing this wonderfully fun script goes to u/kildaro on reddit! I had such a blast filling this and hope you continue to write more like it I really love the stable as a platform for more if you're ever interested in writing more with the same speaker. find me over at r/chooseyourfateaudio there you can find all the ways to support and interact and just have a safe space to be the deviant I know you are. Have a great one I believe in you whatever struggle life is throwing at you right now I'm sorry you're going through that and things will be ok with time and effort towards the future. Bye I'm Fate
Turns out that cute girl you had a crush on was a little more obsessed than you thought. all writing credit to u/Yanderefroggie over on reddit you can find me at r/chooseyourfateaudio over on reddit there you can find all my links to cashapp patreon and paypal if you like to help support me it was a pleasure recording this found it and instantly wanted to try it
SUMMARY: You and your friend are just hanging out and enjoying some ice cream. You ask how their recent date went, and they regale you with a story about the neurotic and finicky woman they went out with. Despite this, they still slept with her, but they’re unsure whether she faked her orgasm or not. You razz them about that, and they turn the tables. Haven’t you ever faked it? You reveal that no one has ever made you orgasm, and they make it their mission to change that. This fantastically sweet and amazing script was written by u/BonSoirAnxiety who I'm a fan of I always get excited to read a script from her. I'm Fate which is who I am and you can find me over at u/chooseyourfateaudio and r/chooseyourfateaudio and find all the different way to support me and my content and interact with moi! Message from Fate to you (the listener): Life isn't always going to feel good but here with me while you listen is a place to escape and fell good whether that be by yourself playing or in public just using this as an escape or in your car on the way home getting excited to be with your partner or even just to enjoy your own self and company. Whatever it is you need me for I'm here and I hope I can help give you that escape in a safe place. Have a great one and thank you so much for listening. Bye I'm Fate!
Summary: You and your boyfriend have been dating for over six months now, you keep making excuses as to why you haven’t had sex yet. He is getting frustrated but respects you and is willing to wait. Until one night he breaks and drugs your tea before bed. You wake up tied to the bed and at his mercy. Excerpt: The pain will serve as your reminder that you should always obey me in the future The more you obey the less pain I will inflict on you All writing credit goes to the wonderful inspiration for my dig into sleep play the talented miss u/Thornsonarose! Please go give her all the support and thank her for writing such a wonderfully dark script! I'm Fate thanks so much for all of your support whether that be through up-votes, little messages, comments and more it all truly means so so much to me thank you :) Thanks for listening I hope you have a great one and enjoy this dark drugged somno adventure! Bye I'm Fate!
Summary: You've been fooling around while your husband is away and he comes home to teach you a hard lesson. Additional tags: mentions of This delightfully dark script was written by u/fuzzdelight please go check them out for more amazing content! find me over a r/chooseyourfateaudio and u/chooseyourfateaudio for all the different ways to support interact and just have a safe space to get a little unsafe. This was a blast I have aftercare audio up on my page if you need it since there is none for this one. I hope you have a great one and remember you're mine! www.patreon.com/Chooseyourfateaudio
Work has been overwhelming recently so the owner purchased an android to increase productivity. Unfortunately he’s a pain in the ass and won’t stop criticizing everything you do All credit to the amazing u/yanderefroggie I am in love with their scripts and can't help but want to give whatever they write a shot! find them over on reddit and find me over at r/chooseyourfateaudio there you can find ways to support me follow me and continue to choose your fate every time you listen! you can make it through i believe in you! YES YOU! You are brave and even though you don't always feel safe in life in your skin in your spirit just know I think you're beautiful so be yourself let yourself be overcome with pleasure as you listen and let yourself escape come choose your fate
Summary: You've been busy with work lately therefore you didn't have much time to give to your boyfriend . Boyfriend who also happens to be your hot teacher. You had a class with him today and planned on playing with him a little but oh my? Looks like he had other plans and decided to act all bratty by flirting with other students in front of you? He'll have to wait a little before you actually play with him because you're about to teach the teacher a lesson… This wonderful script was written by u/Particular-Cheek-134 I just gotta say this was a hell of a first script I think you knocked it out of the park and look forward to more in the future! I'm Fate find me at r/chooseyourfateaudio and u/chooseyourfateaudio to find all the different ways to support me such as upvoting, commenting, or messaging if you'd like as well as several other ways that can be found there. Message from Fate to you(the listener): I want you to know that the pain is not going to last forever and that things will be ok! You've got this I believe in you I believe in your fight in your will and your strength as an individual. I hope that you have a great one! Bye I'm Fate!
Summary:You've been really burning yourself out at work lately. Your roommate, who you've always found kinda hot, can't stand to see his "roomie" like this, so he comes up with a plan to help you finally let some tension out. This wonderful script was written by the amazing, the talented, the scribiest! That's right folks this script was written by non other than u/XylophagousScribe over on reddit she now has several scripts out to browse and peruse so please go support her work! I'm Fate you can find all the different ways to support me such as up-voting, commenting, messaging, and more! At u/chooseyourfateaudio and r/chooseyourfateaudio on the reddit Message from Fate to you(the listener): Sometimes we push past our limits and while occasionally it is good to persevere and show resilience, most of the time it gets taken advantage of or pushed to far and I want you to know that it's ok to relax. It's ok to take time for you and enjoy yourself even for a brief moment. You deserve respite from the constant barrage of go go go from this world of industry where everything except our humanity and health is taken into consideration. You deserve to feel good and to recoup what you've given and I'm here for you. I hope that listening to this helps you escape even for just a moment and lets you relax. Have a great one! Bye I'm Fate