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Degensister Audio Sex Stories 14

Sister's friend wakes you up to take your virginity after you've stayed in your room for the entire party Summary: Listener’s sister and her friends have had a night of heavy drinking while the listener has been in his room locked away the whole night, but one of her friends decides to change that and takes the opportunity while everyone is asleep to live out the fantasy she’s been thinking about for months.
Summary: Listener is at a multi-day anime/comic convention. He runs into a hot girl who cosplays as his favourite character and asks her for a photo together. The cute cosplayer can't help but flirt with her new fan and asks him to join her in an empty convention room... || Tags: switching from to switching from to |
Tags: slight || Summary: The beautiful girl next door has been dropping hints that she was interested in you for months, but you still haven't made a move. So she decides to take matters into her own hands... by drugging you and tying you naked to her bed.
Summary: Listener has been talking to another Redditor for months. The two finally meet up, despite the difficult circumstances. Listener tells his surprisingly attractive online friend about his real-life problems - specifically related to his low lows due to the pandemic and just feeling down in general. She listens, tries to give him some advice to cheer him up, validate, and encourage him. Nevertheless, she has an ulterior motive for the meet-up… a confession? || Tags: mild mild
mentions of and mild twist on || Summary: Listener is staying at his employee’s place for an overnight trip. His employee’s daughter helps him settle in. When she opens her laptop to help him research directions for the next day, her Pornhub windows immediately pop up. Immediately, he tries to blackmail her, but she flips the script on his perverted sick mind. Will she get her way?