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Feem_al_frennly Audio Sex Stories 69

Mr. Gentleman - Your oldest, very mannerly and loving minion with benefits. He has been at your (bed-)side for a very long time now, and knows your every desire without even looking at you. At this point, he might even be able to just talk you to orgasm without ever moving a finger. Mr. Stud - A burly, hung, but somewhat mute stud of a lover. One of the smartest investments you ever made. This rare combination of looks and equipment doesn't talk much, but rather prefers to put all his muscles to work in order to please his mistress.
Your Long Distance BF Turns Up Unexpectedly For Valentine's Day.
Master suddenly decided that he was too tired after dinner, and both of you went to bed early, without any more "fun" happening! You decide to accept that for now, and let him rest. You have your ways to make sure you'll get what you want, in the morning...
You've been with your Master for quite some time now. You learned all there is to know about him - and how to push all his buttons. You love teasing him mercilessly and getting him all riled up, whenever you're out together - even in public. You know he hates it, but he loves it. Unfortunately, you got a little carried away this time, and overstepped the line. Bad! Master is furious. Will you be able to appease him?
You've been dealing with body insecurity issues for some time now, and the very last thing you needed today is your man's handsome ex to swing by, and hurl a very infelicitous comment at you. Thankfully, your lover has perfected a very potent form of therapy for moments like these ...
Stressed? Tense? Tired? It's okay to feel that way. Just close your eyes, let me come up behind you, and make you feel better! ...